10 Things Holding You Back

Guest Post by Amanda Turner

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When it comes to setting fitness goals, a major step toward achieving them is understanding how to avoid failure. Simply stated, if you begin with a list of goals, knowing the things that might hold you back from achieving them is the key to success. When you know what has the potential to hold you back, you can avoid those things and achieve your goals! The point is – by knowing the potential shortfalls, you can avoid them and set your self up for success from the beginning.

Many times, no matter how large or small the goal, the key to achieving it is believing in yourself. When you believe in yourself, you are well on the way to achieving your goals – fitness and otherwise. Another common stumbling block is lack of knowledge when setting fitness goals – whether it be in too intense a regimen or an unrealistic diet plan, a little information can go a long way to helping you achieve your fitness goals in a fun and easy way.

Let’s explore the 10 things that might hold you back from your fitness goals:


While these 10 things are in no particular order, lack of consistency may well be the number one reason your fitness goals aren’t being met. When it comes to fitness, daily practice along with genuine dedication is needed to accomplish your goals.


When you begin listing your fitness goals, your “why” should be at the top of the list. If you don’t the “why” – weight loss, fitness, health – behind your fitness goals, you won’t likely stay motivated enough to achieve them.


Health and fitness goals need to be simple, clear, and realistic. Don’t set goals that seem impossible to reach. For example, instead of “I want to lose 100 pounds” a better goal would be “I want to lose 20 pounds.” With a specific, realistic goal, once it is achieved, you gain confidence and can set a new goal.


When setting your fitness goals, you need to have a specific workout and nutrition plan and stick to it. Staying with a solid, proven plan for exercise and nutrition, you will achieve better results.


Quality sleep is the key to achieving your fitness goals. To get the necessary rest, you need to be mindful of your sleep environment and design it in a way that supports a quality night’s sleep. Utilizing a cheap home warranty can ensure the needed rest and alleviate stress because you always have someone to call if your home needs repairs.


A supportive community, whether it be a workout buddy or social media group will hold you accountable and help you stay committed to achieving your fitness goals.


Are you enjoying the fitness process? Your workout should be simple, fun, and enjoyable not complex, boring, and mundane. If you are enjoying your workout plan, you’ll be much more likely to reach your fitness goals.


You can’t expect to make all the positive changes in a single day. The goal is health and fitness for the long-term, which means making changes gradually, focusing on adding positives one at a time for success.


No one is perfect. When you fall short or hit a roadblock, don’t stop. Count any challenges as chances to learn, to power through, make yourself better, and achieve your goals.


If discouragement sets in, maybe because your fitness goals aren’t being achieved as quickly as you’d like, don’t give up. Create 30-day challenges within your goals and give yourself the time to reach them successfully.

Focus on the positives and your progress, and you’ll find yourself well on the way to overcoming the 10 things that might be holding back your fitness goals!