3 Tricks to Keep Your Fitness Resolutions

It’s a tale as old as time: you start the new year with lots of motivation and optimism and you set some new goals. Maybe you buy some new outfits for the gym. Maybe you splurge on a new fitness tracker. You mean it, 2020 is the year you’re gonna reach those fitness goals!

Flash forward to the end of January. You’ve worn a couple of those new gym outfits. Maybe you’ve tracked a couple of workouts on your fancy new watch. But the fire isn’t burning quite so brightly. You’re still making an effort, but honestly, you just don’t have as much time as you’d planned to have to get into the best shape ever.

Sound familiar?

Millions of Americans make resolutions every January only to have partially abandoned (if not completely) by February. Want to be the exception and not the rule? Here are three tips to make sure your resolutions stick this time:

One. Don’t abandon your goals just because the results don’t come as quickly as you want them to.

Don’t expect to SEE the results of your resolutions as quickly as you’re likely to FEEL them. Focus on the tangible and immediate rewards of exercise (increased energy, better sleep, reduced stress, etc.) and not the physical – because you’re likely to notice them long before you see a change in your pant size. And it’s the benefits to the way that you feel and function that will keep you going until you get changes you can see!

Good things take time – and your health is worth the investment of your time. Don’t expect quick fixes – good things come to those who keep going.

Two. The 15-minute workout you do is better than the 60-minute workout you meant to do.

Have you ever had the best intentions ruined by a sudden work deadline or unexpected home repair? We’ve all been there. But what’s important to remember is that when it comes to exercise ANYTHING is better than NOTHING. Just because you can’t get to the gym today doesn’t mean you can’t run around the block a few times. Just because you have a commitment after work and can’t put in a full hour doesn’t mean you can’t do intervals for 20-minutes and get a great burn.

The workout you do – no matter how short, “easy”, or unplanned will always beat the perfect, high-intensity, perfectly timed workout you can’t/don’t do.

Three. To win the war, you have to be okay with losing a few battles.

We tend to think in absolutes. We miss one workout and it becomes easier to miss the next few. We make poor choices in one meal, and we’re more likely to let our standards slide for the rest of the day/week/month. Big changes come from making a series of small, consistent changes over an extended period of time.

If workout on Monday and then you tell yourself it’s okay to miss your workouts on Thursday and Saturday because you missed Tuesday you’re going to finish the week having worked out once. If you accept that you missed Tuesday, but don’t let that affect you moving forward, you’ve worked out three times that week – which is going to get you a lot closer to your goals than once.

Bad day? Acknowledge it and keep moving forward.


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