3D Body Scanning Comes to Elevate!

What is 3D Body Scanning?

3D Body Scans allow you to obtain a full 3D Image of your body from a simple 40 second scan at Elevate Fitness, providing you with hundreds of measurements that are automatically captured from each scan including circumferences, lengths, contours, widths, surface areas, and volumes.

What does 3D Body Scanning provide besides hundreds of detailed measurements and a virtual image of your body?

  • Body Shape Wellness Scoring: Proprietary body shape rating with an understanding of health based on where mass is within the body, which utilizes body shape indexes from leading universities. This can also allow the fitness professionals at Elevate create a VERY customized plan to help you reach your goals faster, and more effectively.
  • Posture Analysis: A deep understanding of shifts, tilts, and rotations in your body from your head to your ankles. This information can help athletes perform better, non-athletes recover faster from workouts and reach their fitness and weight loss goals in less time.
  • Body Composition: Proprietary DXA correlated body fat percentage algorithm, as well as fat mass and lean mass breakdowns. Sometimes as you become fitter and lose body fat, the numbers on the scale can actually go up. But wouldn’t you love to lose a pound of fat and gain a pound and a half of muscle (which takes up less space that the pound of fat)? Weight is a misleading measurement, body composition will keep you focused on what matters most as you transform your body.
  • 4-point Weight Scale: Total body weight as well as balance captured automatically during the scan process. We get it, sometimes you just want to know what the scale says because it’s a number that’s easy to understand and easy to track. Just remember that you’re more than a number on a scale!
  • Cloud Reporting Platform: View your data on any device from anywhere, including single scan reports, side by side comparisons, and an aggressive feature list. This data is invaluable when it comes to being able to design and implement a program that is truly as customized to your body as it can be. You won’t find a more scientific or easy way to create a 100% fully customized fitness or weight loss program ANYWHERE.