6 Week Weight Loss Program

It’s been a long year. Exactly one year ago to the day this post was written (March 16, 2021), the team at Elevate Fitness found out we were being closed down for what would turn out to be a very long six months.

This was the case for people all over the world and not just at Elevate. Many of us spent several months moving from the “home office” to the couch (if indeed those were two different places) to the fridge and back. We found ourselves in the midst of an unprecedented (how many times did we use that word to describe our circumstances?) historical event, and despite our best intentions, sometimes we let our fitness goals slide.

That’s why, as the world is slowly opening back up, and vaccines are reaching more and more Americans, and there’s talk of gatherings again by the 4th of July, many folks are looking to lose weight and get back on track when it comes to their goals. This is why we’re introducing a 6-Week Weight Loss Program for rapid results.

For just $399 for six-weeks, here’s what you’ll get:

  • A personal weight loss coach/personal trainer to guide you on every step of your journey,
  • Twice weekly 30-minute sessions with your personal coach,
  • A customized weight-loss workout program to follow on the five days a week that you’re not meeting face-to-face with your coach,
  •   A weight loss nutrition guide that will give you the information you need to make positive nutrition changes to support your weight loss,
  • OPTIONAL: Add once weekly (for $99) or twice weekly (for $199) nutrition sessions with David Cruz (see The Method) for the first month of your program to kick-start your results.

So when you make your grand re-entrance into society (or simply return to in-person work at the office) do it with confidence, feeling the best you have in years. Let us help you be the best version of you in our post-pandemic world. Get more information about our 6-week weight loss program today!