Are You Too Busy to Workout Smarter?

Elevate Fitness Syracuse Asks Are You Too Busy to Workout Smarter?

Are you too busy or too stubborn to workout smarter?

Imagine you are assigned the age-old task of building a fire so that you can cook a meal outdoors. Now imagine that you are limited to using only the tools the cavemen used. Are you going to be cooking anytime soon? Or are you going to die of hunger before you ever see a spark?

Now imagine someone is in the same scenario, but you have the ability to give them a tool to make things easier – a match. You offer the sorry individual (furiously rubbing two sticks together) your book of matches, but much to your surprise, they decline! Their excuse is probably a variation of one of the following:

– I don’t understand how that works.
– I don’t have time to learn how to use that.
– This is how I’ve always done this (followed but a tummy rumble).

Sounds kind of ridiculous, doesn’t it? Mealtime could come so much faster (versus maybe never coming at all!) if only the fire-starter embraced the tool and took a little time to learn how to use it.

Now imagine that instead of building a fire, the task is something else. Maybe it’s losing ten pounds or running a 5K or learning to play tennis. And instead of a lighter, maybe the tools are heart rate monitors or smartwatches or coaches.

People working toward fitness and wellness goals often choose the path of least resistance. Training for a 5K? Run on the treadmill. Trying to lose weight? Try to eat less. Joining a gym? Use the machines you already know how to use and avoid the confusing ones at all costs.

There are tools available to all of us. Some are free like MyFitnessPal, a great resource for tracking calories in and out and helping you reach your weight loss goals. Some are one-time investments like heart rate monitors and smartwatches that you can use for years to come to get better results. Some are ongoing investments like coaches and personal trainers who can help you get the most out the time you put into pursuing your fitness and athletic goals.

The point is, it’s not the stone age and there’s a way better way to build a fire that with two sticks. And there’s a better way train for a 5K than a treadmill (try Elevate’s Run Club programs including a Couch to 5K training plan), a better way to lose weight (check out our heart rate monitors that work great with free apps like MyFitnessPal), and a better way to learn how to play tennis (and make lifelong friends in the process at Elevate).

Before you put in the time and energy to attack your goals, isn’t it worth taking a moment to review the tools available to you and learning how to use them so that you can reach your goals in the most effective and efficient manner possible? We think so.

What are some of the tools you love to use for your fitness goals?