Why You Should Bring Your S.O. to the Gym With You

Why you should bring your significant other to the gym with you

As our lives become busier and busier, it’s become more common for many couples to make their fitness a priority together. Gone are the days where one partner hits the weight-centric gym on the corner while the other partner visits the yoga studio on the other side of town. And it’s not just for convenience that this shift is happening, there are actually a number of reasons you should consider bringing your significant other to the gym with you.

It will save you money.

In today’s age of Netflix memberships and Spotify subscriptions and ten dollar corporate coffee drinks, it’s no wonder we spend a lot of time trying to figure out where we can cut some corners to save a few dollars. Joining a gym with your significant other will often result in some savings as opposed to joining separately, or joining different facilities.

And it’s not just your membership dues where you’ll see the savings – you’re likely to save on gas and wear-and-tear on your car as you’ll be commuting to your gym together. And the two of you sharing in your fitness goals is likely to mean fewer meals out, less fast food and additional savings in ways you hadn’t even considered.

It’s quality time together.

We live in an age with all these tools and resources that are supposed to make us more productive and simplify life, but we’re somehow finding less and less available time in the day. Instead of living separate lives for ten to twelve hours a day and then “connecting” for a few minutes in front of the television before heading to bed before starting the whole cycle all over again, many couples are finding that heading to the gym together before starting their days, or meeting there after work, is a great way to spend productive and quality time together.

It creates accountability.

It’s likely that you can benefit from some accountability when it comes to your fitness routine, no? Think about all those days you failed to go to the gym because you were feeling “tired” or because you worked later than you expected or because of any other excuse that was just that – an excuse.

Having someone who is depending on you has a tremendous impact on your likeliness to hold up your end of the bargain. If that person is your significant other, it’s even better because they’re less likely to let you get away with excuses. Being able to hold each other accountable to your fitness schedule and goals will have a significant impact on your ability to reach them.

It will strengthen your emotional bond.

Not only does working toward a goal together help you to feel closer and more connected, but seeing your partner work toward their goal will strengthen your admiration and appreciation for your partner, making you see the qualities in them that are attractive and desirable.

Studies also suggest that non-verbal mimicry strengthens emotional bonds. Running together at a similar pace, matching your cadence in a spin class or lifting weights in rhythm with your partner are examples of non-verbal mimicry that will help foster a sense of connection increasing your emotional bond to your partner.

It will increase your sense of desire for each other.

Increased heart rate. Sweaty brow. You’re hyper-aware of your pulse and you’re breathing comes fast … I’m talking about exercise, of course. But if you were confused, that’s a good thing! The physical “symptoms” of exercise are very similar to those of physical intimacy.

Engaging in physical activity with your partner can have a significant impact on your life in the bedroom. After all, if you can manage an hour on the treadmill, that’s bound to have some real-world benefits, isn’t it?


We hope these reasons for bringing your S.O. to the gym with you have caused you to stop and think about how you can use fitness to strengthen your relationship. And of course, we hope it’s obvious that the best benefit is a longer, happier, healthier life together – what could be better than that?

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