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How to Set Up Your Bike for a Spin Class

by Darcy Dibiase

How to Set Up Your Spin Bike at Elevate Fitness

It’s the most common reason people avoid spin classes in gyms: they don’t know how to set up their bike for the class. And not every instructor is in the habit of beginning each class with a “How to Set Up Your Bike for a Spin Class” powerpoint presentation. Yet, we know that indoor cycling is a great class to help you meet your goals, so let’s not let fear of the unknown stop us any longer, okay?

So let’s give you a brief tutorial so that if it’s your first class you can set up with confidence, or if it’s your favorite class you can get a nice refresher on how to make sure your bike is set up to give you your optimal workout. These tips apply to both our indoor cycling classes and our Group Ride and R30 classes!

On most spin class bikes, including those at Elevate Fitness, there are essentially adjustments you’ll want to make before the class begins:

1. Saddle position (how high up and forward/back your seat is) and,
2. handlebar position (where your handlebars are relative to your saddle height and arm-length).

Let’s watch Elevate Fitness Instructor Darcy give us a great demo on how to properly set up your bike:

That’s really all there is to it! Make sure to bring your towel and your water bottle, and don’t forget – if you have any questions not only can the instructor help you out, but your fellow classmates are almost always more than willing to help you out! Ready to give spinning or Group Ride a try? Remember – your first class is always free at Elevate Fitness Clubs in Syracuse, just fill out the form at the bottom of this page!  And get more great tips from Darcy here!

Heart Rate Training at Elevate Fitness

We’re so excited to introduce Heart Rate Training to our Group Fitness Classes at Elevate Fitness here in Syracuse!

In this post, we’ll give you everything you need to start tracking your effort in real time to get the results you want as quickly, efficiently and effectively as possible. Need more convincing? Check out our blog post on Weight Loss and Heart Rate Training.


  1. You’ll need a heart rate monitor. There are a TON of these on the market. The type that we work with are typically chest strap style monitors like the MyZone MZ3 heart rate monitor (don’t be scared by the price mentioned in the review, this device is available to purchase at Elevate for only $79.99). We offer two types of monitors for sale at Elevate, the MyZone MZ3 stores up to 8 hours of data, and a FitMetrix monitor that does all the great things MyZone does minus the memory (you’ll need to be connected to a device to save your workouts with this belt).
  2. You’ll need the phone number and email address associated with your Elevate Fitness membership. If you already have a FitMetrix account (what you use to sign in to our app or to sign in to classes) then you’re good to go! If you don’t – don’t worry, simply stop at the desk before your next workout and ensure we have your current email address and phone number in our system.


The first option for Heart Rate Training you have is to pair your device with the Elevate Fitness app (available in the App Store and Google Play). This will allow you to connect your monitor to your mobile device to view your results in real time. Here’s a short video explaining exactly how to do that:



If you’re already a member, you probably know how awesome our Group Fitness Classes are. If you’re not a member, your first class is on us, so come discover for yourself how amazing our instructors and classes are.

To make our classes even more awesome, you can choose to have your heart rate monitor data displayed in real time during our classes to make sure you’re in the right zones to get the right results! You’ll pair your monitor either through the app (go to menu –> profile and scroll down to Additional Information and click the edit icon) or by visiting this webpage to register your device. Here’s another short video to show you how to pair your monitor to work in our Group Fitness Classes:

Learn more about Heart Rate Training by meeting with a Personal Trainer in a no-obligation, complimentary sessions valid for first-time clients who are local residents over the age of 18 only. Other restrictions may apply.


Signing up for Rewards – Step by Step

  1. Download our app from the Apple App Store for iPhone or Google Play for Android devices.
  2. Read about our Rewards Program in this blog post.
  3. Register for a free Perkville account here, being careful to use the same email address for both the app and Perkville. This should be the same email address as the one we have in our Elevate Fitness membership system for you (using mismatched emails will not allow the systems to communicate properly).
  4. Check your email. You’ll get a message from Perkville asking you to verify your email address. You will not be able to earn any points until you’ve completed this step.
  5. When you register for a class (or complete any other earning activity) make sure you do it through the Elevate Fitness app to ensure you earn your points!
Earning points for group exercise classes at Elevate Fitness, step by step.

Earning points for group exercise classes at Elevate Fitness, step by step.


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Earn Rewards for Working Out at Elevate Fitness

As if getting fit wasn’t rewarding enough, what if you could earn rewards for working out? We’re excited to announce the Elevate Rewards Program! Earn points for club check-ins, referring friends, and more! Then use them towards a list of exclusive rewards! We look forward to seeing you in the club as you earn points and rewards. To join the rewards program, simply click here and follow the on-screen registration instructions!

How will it work?

First, you’ll want our app. This is the easiest way to interact with your rewards account, earn rewards for working out and to track your earnings, see available rewards and more. The Elevate Fitness app is available in the App Store and on Google Play.

You will automatically earn rewards for working out when:

  • Referring a friend to Elevate Fitness: refer through our Elevate Fitness app, and we’ll automatically track your referral for you, and when your friend activates one of our qualifying membership types, your points are automatically added to your account – no action needed from you beyond sending the guest pass to your friends and family and encouraging them to visit the gym. And then your referrals can join the program and earn rewards for working out!
  • Completing your New Member Personal Training Session: when you first join Elevate Fitness Clubs, we encourage you to take advantage of your complimentary personal training session with one of our certified personal trainers on one of your first visits to the gym, when you do complete this session, points will automatically be awarded to your account!
  •  Having a Birthday: I mean, if we’re going to age, we might as well get points for it, right?
  •  Following @ElevateSyracuse on Twitter: We post inspiring stories, gym/fitness/workout types, specials, promotions and reminders about holiday hours, weather cancellations and more. Follow us to stay in the know about all things Elevate.
  • Checking In to the Gym: When you scan your card at the front desk, points are automatically added to your Rewards account!
  • Attending a Class: Elevate Fitness has the BEST group fitness classes of any gym in the Central New York area, and now, when you register to take a class in our app, you get points! Check out our class schedules here.
  • Completing a Personal Training Session: every time your trainer confirms your participation in a personal training session, you’re getting points.
  • Checking in on Facebook: Use your social network to hold yourself accountable to your goals! Check-In and watch those points add up, and watch the support from your friends build as you work toward building the best body of your life!
  •  Posting/Sharing an #ElevateSyracuse photo on Facebook or Tweeting with #ElevateSyracuse: We LOVE seeing our members use social media to help stay on track with their goals. When you use our custom hashtag to tag your posts, you’ll get points AND see your posts displayed on the social media sharing screens located throughout our clubs.
  • Every $1: Spent in our Pro-Shop: you spend, you earn. Get great supplements, custom Elevate Fitness workout and fashion apparel or the fitness accessories you need to up your intensity during your workouts. Whatever you’re buying, we’re rewarding you for it.
  • Just for Joining the Rewards Program: that’s right – you have to register to start earning those points. And we want you to start earning points right away, so as soon as you register, we’re rewarding you!

Redeem Points For

  •        Free membership dues
  •        Elevate Fitness merchandise and swag
  •        Free gift memberships
  •        Retail and personal training discounts
  •        Free body image scanning sessions
  •        and more!

Set Up Your Account

  • Once you have created your account, look for the Settings link in the upper right corner of the page. In the profile settings, make sure to enter your birthday so you can get points just for being born (the first time, don’t worry – we won’t make you go through that again)!
  • The email settings are where you can manage how frequently you receive notifications about your points or unsubscribe. You can also add additional email addresses to merge old Elevate Fitness Rewards Program accounts into one. Those old points don’t have to go to waste!
  • In the Linked Account settings, you can connect your Facebook and Twitter and accounts with the rewards program, and earn points when you post (make sure you post from within your Rewards Program account to get credit for the post)!


  • Make sure you scan in, or manually check in, at the member service center every time you visit Elevate Fitness to get credit for your workout.
  • If you’re taking a group fitness class, check in for that at the class kiosk (coming soon) or via the Elevate Fitness app (also coming soon) as well so you can collect the points.
  • If you’re attending a personal training session, you’ll automatically get points for your session when your trainer completes your session in our scheduling software.
  • You can only check in when you are physically at the gym.

Social Media

  • To get points for checking in on Facebook or Twitter, make sure your social media accounts are linked in your rewards program settings. And use #elevatesyracuse when posting.
  • After you have checked in at a gym, you will receive an invitation in your rewards account to check in on Facebook or Twitter.
  • There may be a delay between the time you check in at the gym and the time your receive the invitation, this is normal.

In the future, we’ll be adding additional ways that you can earn rewards for working out as well as additional rewards that can be redeemed for your hard earned points.

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IHRSA Passport for Traveling

The IHRSA Passport program is great for active members who travel!

Elevate Fitness’s jetsetters and world-travelers need not worry about losing track of their fitness and weight loss goals when on the road. Elevate Fitness is a proud participant in the IHRSA (International Health & Racquet Sports Association) Passport Program.

The Passport Program entitles members of Elevate Fitness Clubs to enjoy guest access at more than 1,700 clubs and gyms  worldwide when they travel. Check out this video from IHRSA explaining how the program works.

The IHRSA Passport Program is easy for members to use! You need only follow a few basic steps:

  1. Obtain valid IHRSA Passport I.D. from the gym on your next visit.
  2. Visit to locate a club in the area where you will be traveling.
  3. Call ahead to confirm availability, as well as any fees that may apply for that club.
  4. …upon arrival at the club, present your IHRSA Passport I.D., pay the guest fee (if applicable) and you’re in!

Some Tips to Make Traveling to a IHRSA Passport Gym Easy:

  1. Make sure you’ve followed the steps above.
  2. Have a photo ID with you when you visit the hosting club so that you can prove your identity matches the Passport ID.

Also, when you call the hosting gym, ask about things that might affect your workout: planning on taking a class – inquire about any additional fees or registration requirements; want to work with a trainer – ask about guest rates for personal training; traveling on a holiday – ask about special holiday hours that may not be listed on the gym’s website or social media.

Travel safely, enjoy your workouts on the road, and we look forward to seeing you back at Elevate Fitness in our gyms when your travels bring you back home to Syracuse!

And if your a traveling guest from another facility, learn more about Elevate Fitness clubs here.

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