Club Closure Updates

Closure Dates: Monday, March 16th from 8 pm until ???

We plan to reopen the clubs as soon as we’re given the go-ahead from the authorities.

As you are aware, on Monday, March 16th we were given the directive to close the clubs, which also means that our staff was sent home. As is the case for all small, locally-owned businesses – this is a tough time, and we’re doing our best to connect our team members with resources to help them through this pandemic.

That means they are not at work. Because we currently have no team reporting to the clubs, we cannot make changes to memberships during this time. Please note there is nobody in the club to answer calls/respond to emails/etc. due to this shutdown.

ALL billing will stop on April 1, 2020, and will remain stopped until 1) we’ve reopened the clubs and 2) any unused time/services (like personal training) has been credited back to your account and used.

You can read our email updates below if you’ve not subscribed to our mailing list yet.

¬†We can’t wait to see you again

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