The Importance of Community in the Gym

The importance of community at your gym

There are a lot of benefits to not going it alone on your fitness journey. The power of community is something that can benefit us in almost every aspect of our lives, not just our gym lives. But today, we’re talking about five ways that the power of community can increase your results at the gym.

Our first, and favorite, benefit is MOTIVATION. This is what makes activities like 5Ks, Tough Mudders, and most sporting events so much more motivating than a solo jog through the neighborhood. Human beings are motivated by the presence of other people. We don’t want to look like we’re not giving 100% when there are eyes on us, so we naturally try harder. Fitness is a perfect arena in which to harness the power of this simple truth: workout with and around people and you’ll naturally work harder.

The next benefit to explore is the FUN factor. If you’re having a great conversation during a run, it makes the time go by so much faster because you’re having fun. Know why so many people love group fitness classes? Because they have fun taking them. Anything we can do to increase our enjoyment of an activity will increase our likelihood of repeating that activity – which in the gym translates to success. Plus, who among us isn’t looking for ways to find more time with the people who matter to us? Kill two birds with one stone and get your workout done while you’re at it.

A community brings DIVERSITY. A diversifying your workout program will keep you interested and motivated longer than a stale routine will. Whether it’s people with different interests or just the number of activities you can pursue as part of a community but not by yourself (ever tried playing basketball or soccer alone?), diversifying your workout program is a sure fire way to increase compliance and results.

Everybody needs to be accountable to someone. Sometimes we’re strong enough that somebody can be ourselves, but most of the time we need a plan for ACCOUNTABILITY. Signing up for a class, or arranging to meet a friend at the gym both create circumstances in which you’re accountable to something or someone, increasing the likelihood of you actually following through on your plans.

One of the best ways you can benefit from the community is by saving MONEY. It’s cheaper to grab a friend who has similar goals and work together with a personal trainer than it is to do it alone. It’s cheaper to join a gym with unlimited classes and lots of members than to buy individual classes as you go. You’ll never be able to afford the space, equipment, and maintenance necessary to replicate everything in a gym, so joining a gym community will give you access to so much more than you’d ever be able to manage on your own.

So, whether it’s one of these five benefits, or something else you’ve discovered – the power of community can do amazing things for your fitness. Here are some ways to take advantage of the community at Elevate Fitness:


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