Are you sure you did your push-ups?

Are you sure you did your push-ups with Elevate Fitness Gyms in Syracuse

If your attitude towards physical exercise is the same as If it were a chore then you probably hate doing it.

The psychological barrier towards the word “chore” is that of something that will most certainly not be fun. And this is completely normal.

We don’t do chores, just because we feel like it, or find it fun. Chores are the thing the grown-up life makes you do whether you like it, or not.

For example, If a person wants to clean the bathroom, he or she wouldn’t postpone it until there are guests arriving, right?

Or do his homework, If not for his parents banning something he or she likes to do.

Well then, why can’t we presume there is a possibility your close friend that goes to the gym 4 times a week is lying to you?

I want one!

Procrastination plays a major role in today’s society. It starts out with the younger generation and before you know it people of all ages start doing it.

We encounter whole classrooms, offices and work environments that live by the idea that “It can wait until tomorrow”, or “Someone else will do it”.

But, of course, no one wants to seem lazy in the eyes of their peers, so then we lie. What about? Well, for one thing, how well they follow their dietary plan and how much they work out.

The result of that is the number of people that complain that they don’t have the body they want, nor the muscle mass they wish to.

And here comes the big question…

Are you sure you’re doing it right?

Maybe, just maybe, you are one of the people that don’t have the body you crave to see in the mirror. You do some exercises now and then and you wait to see the veins on your muscles explode. Maybe you’re doing something wrong.

If you have even the slightest of doubt that you may be a little over your head in the gym then these next tips could work for you.

Is there variation?

A lot of people mistake the idea of exercise for something that is supposed to be on repeat. That’s false.

The more you do the same exercises, no matter in, or outside the gym, your body just gets used to the pressure and you don’t get any results.

Maintaining a diverse work out regimen helps your muscle form build better structure and mass.

Stretch, before you bench

Stretching before doing your exercise is key for a safe, well-planned and efficient work out.

If you want to preserve and prepare your muscles for a training session that will help them grow, then remember to always stretch.

And the reason why we are all here…

Not training hard enough!

At the end of the day you have to come clean to yourself – you don’t do enough to get what you want.

I’m not talking about the hours, the sweat, the weights or the money you’ve put in it, you are not giving it all. And the idea is not to give more of that, but do more, when you don’t feel like doing it!

Making yourself admit that you need to ask more from you, is the moment that will change your thinking towards what you really want.

You need to wake up in the morning wanting this, and I’m not even talking about exercise anymore, and go out there and do it. Falling down, then getting up and starting again.

The real battle is happening inside your head and you, and only you, know what needs to be done. 

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