Elevate Fitness Introduces In-Body

Elevate Fitness Gyms in Syracuse, NY Introduce In-Body

A guest post by Personal Trainer Steve Glamcevski

Hello Valued Members,

At Elevate Fitness, we are excited to announce that we have acquired a new tool to help you monitor progress towards your fitness goals!  The InBody is a bioelectrical impedance device that measures not only your weight, but your body composition.  It sends an electrical impulse throughout your body and based on the speed of passage, the machine can tell whether it’s passing through muscle, fat, water, etc.  What differentiate the InBody from your commercial model Tanita scale is the four contact points.  Most bioelectrical impedance devices have two; either the feet or the hands.  The InBody has contact points at both the feet and hands; making it more accurate. Overall, the InBody analyzes your body composition, weight distribution, total skeletal muscle and body fat mass, BMI, percent body fat, hydration level, discrepancies between right and left limbs, visceral fat level, and it calculates your basal metabolic rate.  Wow!     

Why is this important?  Weight, alone, can be misleading when used as an indicator of health.   Anyone may experience frustration when their weight shows no change, even with exercise and improved nutrition.  With the help of the InBody, over time, we can track the internal changes that the number on your scale won’t show.  This becomes extremely helpful when making lifestyle changes and determining whether those changes are working or if they need to be modified to produce a more desired outcome.  We recommend tracking every four to six weeks to ensure that your hard work is actually paying off. 

How can I get my assessment?  All you have to do is schedule an appointment with one of our certified trainers at Liverpool or Dewitt.  The machine only takes 45 seconds to calculate your results and the trainer will analyze and provide feedback on how to get closer to your goals. 

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Steven Glamcevski, MS, CSCS   

Personal Trainer

Elevate Fitness

(315) 451-5050 

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