Elevate Spartan Trifecta Training Program

Elevate Spartan Trifecta Training Program

Earn your  Spartan trifecta by completing a sprint, super, and beast all in the same year!

Sprint – 5k, 20 obstacles 

June 17 – Bethel, NY 

Super – 10k, 25 obstacles 

July 14 – Palmerton, PA

Beast – 21k, 30 obstacles 

August 26 – Oak Hill, WV 

September 16 – Killington, VT 

(Two options)

Training begins March 27

Obstacle Race Training at Elevate Fitness Clubs in Syracuse, NY

I learned from [Jeff] how to build on my running in different ways, mileage, speed, on how to get a PR, build that endurance, how to lift and gain strength physically. Every little step towards getting out of the comfort zone and meeting our fears leads to huge leaps in mental and physical growth! For me those leaps with hard work brought me to where I am today. The best part of racing for me has always been in training toward something….

- Meenu K

Spartan Training at Elevate Fitness Gyms in Dewitt, NY

Training with Jeff after all these years has been what I'm going to call a "skills thrill " A great coach and has always been exceptionally great at challenging people and meeting people where they are at with their current skills. Additionally, he is always pushing people past there current skill level to self discovery of their true potential. Truly an awesome coach and knows when to step on the gas and when to let off.

- Dylan S

Spartan Training Program at Elevate Fitness in Syracuse, NY

Spartan OCR training with Jeff helped me master the confidence and techniques to conquer the obstacles & burpees on race day. Arooo!!

- Amoge O