How Group Classes Train You For Life

Get Fit for Life at Elevate Fitness in Syracuse

by Group Fitness Instructor, Tonya Warner

When new class participants embark upon their fitness journeys, they most likely won’t realize what’s in store for them. Sure, they understand that they will torch a lot of calories, get more fit, get leaner and maybe even have some fun in the process. But a fantastic side effect is the benefit they will see outside of the gym walls.

Walking into a new group fitness class can be hugely intimidating. There are all kinds of new equipment that you’ve never used before, there are people milling around and gathering their weights, steps, mats, or adjusting their bikes like old pros. Don’t be afraid to speak up! The instructor is there to help you get the best workout possible – so ask for any assistance you need in getting set up. But eventually, you find your groove. Each class is easier, and before you know it, setting up and gathering your equipment is natural and seamless.

Fast forward a few weeks to a few months and you realize a noticeable change when you’re NOT at the gym. You may be doing simple tasks at home. You may be on the tennis court, ski slopes, or you may be simply walking to your car on an icy day. Members that have consistently taken group fitness classes on a weekly basis have noticed things about their bodies for possibly the first time in their lives. They’re physically stronger, more coordinated, more balanced, have postural improvements, and experience a brand new mind/body connection.

They can now ski longer and harder because their cycle classes have greatly improved their quad strength and control. Their footwork and agility now show on the tennis courts because of all the work on the step in Group Blast and Group Active.  Because Group Power and Group Blast focuses on building muscular strength and endurance, runners have found significant improvements with their race times. They’re able to prevent a potential tumble because their balance has dramatically improved thanks to all the Will Power and Grace classes. Even all the bending and reaching while gardening feels easier because people are more flexible thanks to all the yoga classes.

The examples of the benefits of group fitness classes are endless. Try one of our classes at Elevate and you’ll be hooked for life!!