Featured Athlete: Michelle Cronin

Elevate Fitness Liverpool July Featured Athlete Michelle Cronin

We’re very excited to share July’s Featured Athlete from our Liverpool club with you: Michelle. Michelle trains with Jonas and takes tons of group fitness classes. And in her spare time (!!) she runs half-marathons. Michelle is an inspiration and we couldn’t be prouder of her and her accomplishments!

Every Body is an Athlete at Elevate Fitness!

Here are Michelle’s own words:

“This back of the pack runner just finished my 5th and fastest half-marathon. It was HARD! It was in the Colorado mountains, the oxygen was scarce, the road was icy and my feet were wet. Despite all of that, I felt strong, healthy and athletic thanks to my coaches at Elevate Fitness: Jonas, Jason, Diane, Renee, and Jenn. These beautiful people are helping me realize my biggest goal, and that is to be stronger than yesterday. Thank you!”

Congratulations Michelle, we’re all so proud of you and inspired by your journey, your positivity and your athleticism – keep on doing amazing things, we’ll be right here cheering you on!


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