Featured Athlete: Roc

July Featured Athlete for Elevate Fitness Dewitt: Roc


We’re very excited to share July’s Featured Athlete from our Dewitt club with you: Roc. Roc (aka Norman Ray) can frequently be found training with a group of friends he acquires and inspires as he goes along his own fitness journey which led him to a weight loss of 65 pounds!

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Elevate Fitness Gyms aren’t your typical health club. We’re a community of like-minded people with aspirations and goals. We work together to motivate, education and inspire each other in the pursuit of those goals. Additionally, we celebrate each other’s accomplishments and contributions to the community. Elevate Fitness introduced the Athlete of the Month and the Coach of the Month features as a way to shine a light on the people who make the Elevate community what it is.

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