Get More From Your Workouts with a 3D Scan

Get More From Your Workouts with a 3D Scan at Elevate Fitness

When Elevate Fitness decided to bring technology solutions to our members who are looking to achieve real results, we knew that providing a state-of-the-art, reliable and simple method for assessing and tracking was a must. We looked at dozens of different options and systems and finally settled on the option that was the best for our members: the Fit3D Body Imaging System.

So, why did Elevate Fitness feel the need to provide this resource to our community?


We want our members to be successful. That’s why we’re in the business. And while we work hard to provide exceptional equipment in clean, well-managed facilities – what you really need to reach your goals is a plan or program. We can now identify opportunities like muscular or body fat imbalances and track progress over time. Using data specific to your physiology allows the fitness experts at Elevate Fitness to prescribe the proper exercise program to reach your unique and specific goals. After all, the best equipment in the world won’t help you get the body you want without the proper program to back it up. Fit3D allows us to get each and every member started on the right foot from day one.


We needed a way for our members to monitor how they’re doing regarding reaching your goals that allows you to see changes over time providing data to adjust programs for the best results and keep you motivated. As your body changes throughout your program, checking in with a Fit3D scan allows us to verify that your program is working and to course correct as needed to keep you laser-focused on your goals and your results. The reports you get from Fit3D will both motivate and challenge you to stay engaged and inspired.

The best part is how simple capturing this data now is with technology like body scanners. It used to require invasive and time-consuming techniques that were both cost prohibitive and not realistic for anyone who wasn’t a professional athlete. But with the Fit3D Body Imaging Scanner, there is no pinching and squeezing with cold calipers, no getting into a giant vat of water to use displacement for measurements. You’ll simply follow the directions on a screen, step on the Fit3D platform and let the machine do the work, and it all takes less than a minute from start to finish.

So now we’ve established why we felt this was a valuable resource for our members and how simple it is to use. But let’s dig deeper. How do YOU benefit from being scanned?


Get More Data: You’ll get hundreds of measurements beyond (but including) basic body weight. See your body composition measurements, circumference measurement, fitness scores and comparisons and more. You’ll even get a separate, in-depth postural analysis report.

Understand Your Weight: When you weigh in on the scale, what does that number actually mean? Weight alone is a poor indicator of health because it does not distinguish fat from muscle. By understanding your body composition in depth, you can reframe your understanding of body weight and how it relates to your overall fitness and wellness.

Set and Refine Your Goals: BMI is an outdated and inaccurate way of measuring your health. At Elevate we prefer to focus on the ratio of your body fat to weight, or body fat percentage. This number allows you to improve your fitness in a way that’s more meaningful to your overall wellbeing than simply focusing on weight.

Track Your Progress: Knowing your body fat percentage and starting weight is great, but really only the beginning. With your baseline set, we can track your progress and even view side-by-side comparisons of scans over time in the Fit3D software. And it’s TOTALLY PRIVATE, you can choose to share your results with a coach or trainer or you can choose to keep your results private in which case YOU WILL BE THE ONLY PERSON TO SEE YOUR SCAN AND RESULTS.

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