Getting Started with Group Fitness and MOSSA

If you’re just getting started with Group Fitness, it can be overwhelming. Elevate Fitness Clubs alone offer over 130 classes a week in Syracuse.

At Elevate Fitness, we have three group fitness programs that we recommend for new exercisers:

Group Power, Group Active and Group Ride.

These are all a part of our MOSSA lineup of classes. MOSSA is the most respected developer of professional, high quality, enjoyable group fitness workouts in the health club industry today. MOSSA provides branded group fitness programs carefully designed and tested to deliver a fun and effective social exercise experience. Classes are created with the purpose to appeal to the largest audience possible.

Spearheaded by Cathy Spencer-Browning, VP of Programming and Training, MOSSA has the most comprehensive Program Development process, which includes an unsurpassed, methodical Testing Phase. Microsoft has recognized MOSSA’s commitment to engaging people and creating an exciting atmosphere that gets people moving and gets results. This is why they are the only group fitness program selected to be part of Xbox Fitness.

Each quarter, the MOSSA Program Development team creates a new release, or workout, for each program. Over 300 hours are poured into each and every release to ensure the participants’ enjoyment and success. This Testing Phase, which involves clubs and instructors, consists of 150 field test classes for just one workout, which guarantees the programming of music and exercise is motivational, safe, and effective.

So let’s talk about what makes Group Power, Group Active and Group Ride the three most recommended classes for new participants.

MOSSA's Group Power Class

Group Power uses adjustable barbells to build lean muscle and burn stubborn fat fast.

GROUP POWER is a great starting point for new folks who want a sweaty strength-training workout. Instructors are trained to coach the entire workout in a way that is accessible to first-time participants, and beginners can start with a lightweight on the adjustable barbell. Group Power uses loaded movement training to help people get muscle strong and movement strong. This program is especially popular with males of all ages.


MOSSA's Group Active Class

Group Active incorporates all the components of fitness into a single 60-minute class.

GROUP ACTIVE is perfect for first-timers who are ready to exercise. Because it combines cardio and strength training, Group Active is right for people who want to improve their overall fitness, general health, and movement health. Looking to get a lot of fitness in a single hour? Group Active is for you! The program also caters to new and deconditioned participants so everyone feels included.



MOSSA's Group Ride Class

Group Ride and other cycling classes are popular for two reasons: one, they’re great calorie burners and two, they’re as easy as riding a bike!

GROUP RIDE is a straightforward cardio workout on a bike, so it is ideal for participants who are ready to focus on their cardiovascular health while burning calories. You can use heart rate monitoring technology to view your results in real time at Elevate Fitness. This 60-minute cycling program is excellent for anyone who wants to work up a sweat without fear of a complicated workout – it’s as easy as riding a bike!



Add to the strength of the workout some amazing music and you’ve got a recipe for success! MOSSA music is a key to driving motivation and enjoyment for every program workout. MOSSA music is unique as it is customized and engineered for the workout experience. An exclusive arrangement with the industry’s top music producer, SAIFAM, with 13 music production studios around the world, ensures the highest quality, emotive, and heart-pounding music. Playlists include many of the most popular songs today complemented by chart-topping hits from the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s, all to appeal to the largest audience possible.

But, really, don’t take our word for it. Try it out for yourself. Your first class is always free (just fill out the form below) at Elevate Fitness, so get in on the excitement and see how group fitness classes can help you reach your goals faster than you ever thought possible!