The Ultimate Guide to Gym Etiquette

a guest post by Delilah Farrell

Every gym goer has seen something that drives them crazy. Free-weights scattered about, 45lb plates stored where the 5lb plates are supposed to be, or the person working out their thumbs for 10 minutes on the bench that three people are waiting to use; we have all seen things that simply make us shake our heads.

Gym etiquette is something that everyone from casual gym goer to fitness fiend should read into. Having good etiquette is respectful to those around you and beneficial to your own workout. By following the seven etiquette practices in this guide, you can avoid being the annoyance that fellow patrons are staring at.

Put Your Weights Back

The gym isn’t your house, and fellow gym goers aren’t your mother. When you are done using weights, put them back in the correct place. Leaving a mess for others to clean up or sort through is counterproductive to their time. Think of putting your weights back as a part of your workout; you’re taking shortcuts when you lack the execution.

Don’t Text and Lift

Just as you wouldn’t (shouldn’t) text and drive, don’t text and work out. There are certainly ways that technology can help you with your fitness goals, but texting your friends is not one of them. You are at the gym to get after your goals! Stay focused and respect your own time.

Clean Up After Yourself

When you’re “getting after it” in the gym, you’re probably going to get sweaty. After you finish your sets, or before you start them, make sure you wipe down your equipment. Not doing so spreads many germs that are commonly found in the gym. So, just like you would clean up a mess at home, wipe-up your sweaty mess.

Personal Space

Unless you are training with someone or spotting, there is no reason to be “up close and personal”. Whether the person is lifting or stretching, give them space. By invading personal space, you disrupt the fellow patron’s focus and can make them quite uncomfortable. Be mindful of personal space, as you would probably not like it if yours were invaded.

Be Aware of Your Surroundings

Watch out! When you’re at the gym, you need to be aware of your surroundings. Before walking to grab something, scan the area you are about to go to. If someone is doing sets of lateral raises, it would be smart to not pass by their side. The same goes for any other exercise or lift. Don’t put yourself in a position where you could potentially ruin someone’s set or rhythm.

Always Ask

If it appears that someone is using a machine or weights that you need, ask them. Don’t assume. You will be less of a bother by asking someone if you can work in with them, as opposed to taking the equipment from them. We would all expect the same respect from others.

Never, Ever, Make Fun of Other Gym Goers

This should go without saying, but don’t make fun of others in the gym. We all have our own goals, and we all have our own motivators. Don’t take videos of people that are doing things differently than you would, that’s just wrong. The only thing you should do is let them be and only offer advice if they ask you.

In Conclusion

This etiquette guide should be used as a foundation for being respectful to yourself and others in the gym. By having etiquette, you may become a good contagion that others look to emulate, making for a clean, respectful, and harmonious gym; something that all gym goers could appreciate.