Look Beyond the “Gym Near Me”

Look Beyond Gyms Near Me with Elevate Fitness

Look Beyond the “Gym Near Me” when deciding what gym you’re going to join to meet your fitness goals. It’s not surprising that one of the top Google searches that people use when looking for someplace to work out is “gym near me,” after all, the closer the gym is to your home or work, the more likely you are to use it regularly.

But of course, there’s more to finding the perfect place to exercise than just proximity.

So what’s a better way to search for a place to reach your goals? Before you can determine the best thing to look for, let’s rule out the things that we think matter, but actually have very little effect on someone’s success in the gym.

  1. Location – while we’re not likely to drive to the next city to go to a gym, a mile or two makes much less difference in your success and longevity than things like amenities, culture and hours might.
  2. Price – someone who pays $9 a month and gets no results from their membership is overpaying whereas someone who pays $90 a month and gets great results, probably feels that their investment is worthwhile.
  3. Look of the Facility – Similar to price, the best facility isn’t the newest or the brightest or the most high-tech – it’s the one you’re willing to visit regularly and put in the work. Plenty of people have gotten into fantastic shape in their basements. It’s not the design of the gym that’s going to get you results – it’s the work you do.

Once you’ve realized what you SHOULDN’T be considering when making decisions about your fitness future, it’s easier to focus on the things that really matter when choosing a gym or fitness facility. Here are the top three we recommend you consider in your search:

  1. Your Goal – If your goal is weight loss, then joining a weight lifting gym isn’t likely to be the easiest way for you to get results. Or if your goal is to train for a marathon, joining a weight loss program probably won’t be the way you get ready for those twenty-six miles. Instead, try, “best gym for …” and look around based on your goals. Sample searches: “best gym for weight loss”, “best gym for bodybuilding”, “best gym for marathon training”.
  2. Amenities –  If you know that you don’t know how to use free weights safely, then you’ll probably want a health club with weighted machines that are easier to use without continuous instruction. Similarly, if you hate cardio, but love to swim – a pool would be an amenity worth paying for. Sample searches: “best gym with a pool”, “gyms with spinning”, “gyms that have juice bars”.
  3. Testimonials – Before you open your wallet, make sure that other people are recommending the club (or any other business, for that matter) – look for a club with testimonials that are easy to find on their website. If you don’t see testimonials, it’s possible that there’s not enough positive feedback that it’s ever occurred to anyone to use them online. Sample searches: “Elevate Fitness testimonials”, “gym near me testimonials”, “what members say about Elevate Fitness”.


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