Heart Rate Training at Elevate Fitness

We’re so excited to introduce Heart Rate Training to our Group Fitness Classes at Elevate Fitness here in Syracuse!

In this post, we’ll give you everything you need to start tracking your effort in real time to get the results you want as quickly, efficiently and effectively as possible. Need more convincing? Check out our blog post on Weight Loss and Heart Rate Training.


  1. You’ll need a heart rate monitor. There are a TON of these on the market. The type that we work with are typically chest strap style monitors like the MyZone MZ3 heart rate monitor (don’t be scared by the price mentioned in the review, this device is available to purchase at Elevate for only $79.99). We offer two types of monitors for sale at Elevate, the MyZone MZ3 stores up to 8 hours of data, and a FitMetrix monitor that does all the great things MyZone does minus the memory (you’ll need to be connected to a device to save your workouts with this belt).
  2. You’ll need the phone number and email address associated with your Elevate Fitness membership. If you already have a FitMetrix account (what you use to sign in to our app or to sign in to classes) then you’re good to go! If you don’t – don’t worry, simply stop at the desk before your next workout and ensure we have your current email address and phone number in our system.


The first option for Heart Rate Training you have is to pair your device with the Elevate Fitness app (available in the App Store and Google Play). This will allow you to connect your monitor to your mobile device to view your results in real time. Here’s a short video explaining exactly how to do that:



If you’re already a member, you probably know how awesome our Group Fitness Classes are. If you’re not a member, your first class is on us, so come discover for yourself how amazing our instructors and classes are.

To make our classes even more awesome, you can choose to have your heart rate monitor data displayed in real time during our classes to make sure you’re in the right zones to get the right results! You’ll pair your monitor either through the app (go to menu –> profile and scroll down to Additional¬†Information and click the edit icon) or by visiting this webpage to register your device. Here’s another short video to show you how to pair your monitor to work in our Group Fitness Classes:

Learn more about Heart Rate Training by meeting with a Personal Trainer in a no-obligation, complimentary sessions valid for first-time clients who are local residents over the age of 18 only. Other restrictions may apply.