Eat Healthy Without Depriving Yourself

Have you ever tried to turn over a new leaf and eat healthily? If you have, chances are there were times you felt deprived. Here we have 5 simple tips to help you eat healthy without depriving yourself!

One. Plan Ahead

One of the most common reasons that people abandon their goals when it comes to healthy eating is because they get off track by making a few bad choices due to lack of planning.

That’s why we recommend planning your meals and menus in advance (preparing about a week at a time is pretty customary and easy to do) and shopping with lists. And don’t forget to plan realistically (more on that later) and not idealistically. Know that you’re going to be hungry and you’re going to need options.

If you plan for too few calories or meals and don’t have options available, you’re going to end up making bad choices when hunger hits.

Need help getting organized? We love these meal planning pads from Amazon.

Two. Set Clear Goals

Don’t just jump into a new eating routine without some clear goals in mind. Know what you’re wanting to accomplish with your new nutritional habits and set clear guidelines, deadlines, and measurements in place to keep you on track to meeting your goals. Maybe your goal is to lose weight, or maybe your goal is to cut out caffeine or gluten. Whatever your goal, be specific and smart about it.

Read here to learn more about setting SMART goals relative to your diet and nutrition.

Three. Journal

We’ve said before that documenting and journaling is one of the best strategies for keeping you on track and helping you to reach your weight loss and fitness goals. And we recommend that you don’t just document your plan, document your results, too. Not only will that help with accountability, but it will help keep you motivated and wanting to accomplish more as well.

Read more about our thoughts on documenting your journey and accountability. And consider an app like MyFitnessPal which makes logging your meals, snacks, water, and even your workouts a breeze!

Four. Do Your Research

The very best thing you can do to kick off your new habit is to meet with a nutritionist or a personal trainer first. But if that’s not possible: make sure you do as much research as you can. Find a plan that fits not only your goals but your lifestyles and preferences as well. If you hate seafood and choose a fish-based diet because it promised you’ll drop pounds and that’s your objective – you’re likely to fail because a fish-based diet doesn’t work with your preferences.

Another great tip is to ask the people in your life who are already living the lifestyle to which you aspire to help you figure out the map for getting you to where you want to be. Success breeds success. Still not sure where to start? Check out this 7 Day Clean Eating Plan!

Five. Be Reasonable

Finally, remember that you will have good days and you will have bad days. You will see progress and you will see what looks like no change. This happens to everyone. The important thing is that you realize that one bad meal or one bad day does not mean you’ve failed and it’s not impossible to bounce back from those moments.

Be realistic and reasonable with yourself. You didn’t get the body you have overnight, and if you’re looking to nutrition to change your body, it won’t do that overnight either. Celebrate your good days. Acknowledge your bad days. BUT KEEP GOING. Don’t give up – it’ll get easier and easier with every day and every victory.

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