How to Stay Motivated at the Gym

How to stay motivated at the gym

A lot of time is spent talking about how to get motivated to start your journey at the gym, but not quite as much time is spent discussing how to STAY motivated. And it makes sense – it’s easy to get fired up and excited when something is new, but how do you stay motivated when the newness wears off and the reality of what it takes to make lasting lifestyle change creeps in? Here are five sure-fire ways to stay motivated in the gym.

Revise your goals and reward yourself.

Now that you’re a regular at the gym, you’ve probably learned a few things. Mainly, that you don’t get results overnight – fitness is something that you have to work at, and then keep working at. Setting short term goals that are specific (like, in 30 days I want to be able to run for 30 minutes on the treadmill without stopping or bench press 100 pounds by March) gives you something attainable to work on in the short term while helping you fulfill your bigger goals at the same time.

And the best way to make this strategy work is to decide on how you’ll reward yourself when you reach the goal. Maybe you’ll cash in your Elevate Reward Points in our Rewards Store, or maybe you’ll buy a new pair of jeans or treat yourself to a movie. Whatever you decide on as your reward, make sure you keep your promise to yourself once you reach your short-term goals!

Use measurements to track your less visible progress.

The scale can be a very deceiving indication of what benefits you’re getting from your gym time. If you’re losing fat, but replacing it with muscle (which takes up less physical space on your body, pound-for-pound) you might not see those changes reflected on the scale. Other great measurements are before-during-and after pictures. Seeing a photo of yourself at the beginning of your journey can be very motivating when it comes to keeping you moving.

Body fat is also a great measurement to track if your goal is weight loss. Elevate Fitness offers a 3D body scan that will give you a computer-generated 3d image of your body (even better than a photo, since you can’t choose flattering angles and filters to hide the truth) and hundreds of measurements including body fat percentage, weight, circumference measurements and more. Best of all – a scan takes less than 5 minutes and it’s a great way to check in and make sure you’re moving in the right direction – nothing is as motivating as seeing your success!

Change it up.

Doing the same workout day after day can ruin your motivation and excitement levels faster than anything else. So change up your routine – if you spend a lot of time doing cardio exercise, learn how to do some strength training or vice versa. Always find yourself using the same machines? Challenge yourself to try that one that you could never picture yourself using. Of course, this means doing the appropriate research to make sure you don’t hurt yourself.

Don’t feel like researching? Make it easier on yourself and try a new group fitness class. Immediately you’ve varied your workout and done so in a way that’s safe and effective and comes with built-in motivation and coaching (if you’ve never been encouraged by a group fitness instructor 55 minutes into the hardest 60 minutes class of your life, then you don’t know what you’re physically capable of).

Your membership doesn’t include classes? Talk to a membership coordinator and explain your situation and tell them you’d like to try out the classes. Usually, they’ll let you, after all – if you end up loving them (and you will) you’ll upgrade to a class membership, right?

Mentor a beginner.

Remember when you were just getting started and how easy it was to motivate yourself to go to the gym? How excited you got to try a new workout or learn something new about fitness? Recapture that magic by recruiting someone in your life to come to the gym with you. When you mentor a beginner, you’ll get to experience that newbie fitness bliss all over again, but through their eyes this time.

And even better, get you a gym that rewards you for bringing new members in (at Elevate Fitness you get 500 Rewards Points that can be used in our Rewards Store toward anything from Elevate merchandise to apparel to travel to concert tickets!).

Meet with a trainer.

Now, we’re assuming you’re a good gym-goer and you took advantage of your new member orientation session and met with a trainer when you were getting started, right? RIGHT? (If you didn’t – advance to the front desk immediately – do not pass go and do not collect $200 – and tell them you didn’t get to schedule that when you joined, but you’d like to now!) So you already know at least one of the trainers in your gym.

Often time, trainers are required to do a certain number of complimentary sessions per month. It never hurts to ask if they can do a complimentary follow-up to your consultation. After all, you’re bound to have questions for a trainer now that you didn’t when you were brand new to the gym. Plus, nobody becomes a personal trainer because they’re expecting to get rich and famous (think about it – how many rich and famous personal trainers can you think of? And before you get all excited because you thought of one, how many rich and famous chefs can you think of – more, right?) they do it because they love it and they want to help people – don’t be shy about asking for the help they got into this business to provide.


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