An Important Update from Elevate Fitness Gyms in Syracuse, NY


As you know, the Governor’s announced Friday new masking and vaccination requirements for businesses in New York beginning Monday. While we are still not 100% clear as to how the state expects businesses to comply with the new mandates without facing serious long-term consequences, we have done our best this weekend to better understand the expectations and work together as a team to implement a plan to ensure we can be compliant with all expectations.

Beginning tomorrow, per the new requirements, our team will be asking members to show proof of vaccination when entering the club. This decision was reached based on the fact that NYS is currently 80% vaccinated and based on our experience in trying to enforce the mask mandates in our clubs previously which proved not only to be difficult for our team but at times dangerous. Ergo, in this situation, the vaccination requirement is the lesser of two evils for us for the next 30 days.

We are following the county’s lead on this, and expect that it will take some time to become fully compliant, and as such we expect this week to be a week of transition. You will be asked to show your proof only once, and it will be recorded in our club management software, at which point you will no longer need to bring your proof with you.

We understand that this is a sensitive and personal issue for many, and one that we would not be raising if our hand was not forced by the state. If you require a private one-on-one conversation with a member of our management team regarding this situation, we’re happy to facilitate that for you, please use the contact information below to reach out and we’ll prioritize that conversation with you.

As always we appreciate your support and your understanding.


In Dewitt: Rachael Dydyk, General Manager  315-446-0376
In Liverpool: Gil Stedman, General Manager  315-451-5050


We are aware of the Governor’s announcement today and the new requirements regarding masking indoors in New York beginning Monday. We are currently unsure of how this will affect our procedures and are actively awaiting clarification from the Onondaga County Health Department, and will communicate any changes to our policies and procedures to you as soon as we’ve clarified the impact of this announcement on our operations.

We are working as quickly as possible and this is our top priority, we hope to share our findings with you very soon. Once we’re aware of how these changes will affect you and the club, we will also communicate how you will be able to manage your membership should the changes impact you directly. We appreciate your patience and support as we navigate this confusing and ever-changing landscape.