Insurance Programs Accepted at Elevate Fitness

Want more information about our insurance-based membership options?

Silver&Fit and Active&Fit offered by Excellus and some Blue Cross Blue Shield programs through American Specialty Health.

SilverSneakers and Prime offered through Tivity Health. Call 1-855-515-1332 to sign up if you haven’t already. Your 16-digit fitness ID number is required to sign up with Elevate. Programs sometimes referred to as “Fitness Your Way” or Blue365.

RenewActive was formerly known as Optum and is offered through RenewActive health plans offered by United Health Care.

At Elevate, we help our members become the best version of themselves with a huge variety of quality programs and cutting-edge fitness technology in a high-value, low-cost, clean, full-service fitness facility. At Elevate Fitness, we believe that high VALUE doesn’t have to mean high cost. We deliver high-quality customized programs and services, many included with membership, for much less than you’d expect. At Elevate you won’t find a candy dish by the door or pizza in the lobby, that because we FOCUS ON WHAT REALLY MATTERS: creating a high-quality experience that generates positive, lasting results through lifestyle change, community involvement, and an outstanding member experience. Locally owned and operated for over 30 years, Elevate is committed to helping its members achieve positive, lasting results through innovative programming, technology, and lifestyle change. Other clubs offer equipment, Elevate offers RESULTS.