Ken Maag – October Featured Athlete (Liverpool)

Incredible Weight Loss Transformation at Elevate Fitness in Syracuse

Meet October’s Featured Athlete from Elevate Fitness Liverpool, Ken Maag. Ken has been featured in our #transformationtuesday posts and when bragging to potential new members about how awesome our community is!

Here’s what Ken had to say about his amazing weight loss and transformation:

“When I hit 300lbs I knew I had to make some serious lifestyle changes and I couldn’t do it alone. At first, Elevate was attractive to me for its location and variety of opportunities such as the pool, indoor track, and plethora of machines. I decided to do their free training interview and session and I was hooked. The trainer worked with me on my expectations, limitations, and goals and together with a change in diet, I’m now 75lbs closer to my goal. Elevate has provided a great home for me to do that.”

Congratulations to Ken, and thank you so much for inspiring ALL of us!

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