On January 8th, Elevate Fitness Personal Trainer Michael Meola had a horrible accident causing him to break BOTH of his legs.

Michael has been strength training and powerlifting for over 2 years and has lifted up to 550 pounds. He was going to compete in his first competition … but in the blink of an eye, everything changed.

Michael will be unable to walk or put any pressure on his legs for 6 – 8 weeks and will need to use a wheelchair and a sliding board to transfer himself from one place to the next during his recovery. Even after the 8 weeks, he’ll need to slowly learn how to put pressure on his legs again and won’t be fully able to walk on his own for several months.

This accident has turned his family’s life upside down. He’ll be out of work for months and they are having issues with his insurance so they’ve had to pay for his mobility equipment and pain medication out of pocket. They have also had to move to a new apartment to accommodate his needs.

Michael was transported to the hospital in a ambulance where he stayed for 5 days and had major surgery on both of his legs. Because of the issues with his insurance, the family is unsure about the exact amount of his medical expenses, but believe they will ultimately exceed $80,000 or MORE!

Here is what YOU can do to help:

1) DONATE – with your donations, you can help Michael get back on his feet. Even a 5 dollar contribution will help us reach our goal! VISIT THE GoFundMe PAGE HERE

2) SHARE the GoFundMe Link on your social media (#liftupmeola)

3) INVITE your friends and families to donate and share the  GoFundMe link on their social media and via email

4) DONATE RAFFLE ITEMS – if you own a business or have access to raffle items you’d like to donate to Elevate Syracuse to use for in-house fundraising for Michael, please email jason@elevatesyracuse.com