Lisa Morgan

Lisa Morgan - Elevate Fitness Liverpool's November Featured Athlete

Lisa Morgan is Liverpool’s Featured Athlete for the month of November, hear about her experience in her own words:

The phrase “gym enthusiast” was never a common expression in my past everyday life. I would never have categorized myself as an athlete in high school or college. As a nurse, I was able to tell everyone else how to live a healthy lifestyle but never seemed to follow my own advice. Joining a gym mid-life opened the doors to many healthy possibilities. In 2016 I was scheduled for a total knee replacement. I hired a personal trainer and told him I wanted to be 20#’s lighter and 100% stronger so I could bounce back quickly. Due to unforeseen circumstances, I had to cancel that surgery and have never regretted that decision. During the course of being more health-conscious and exercising I have accomplished 2 Iron Girl competitions, a Boilermaker Run, many 5 K’s, 1 half marathon with my second one coming up this month. I have also participated in the annual Ride for Roswell for 5 years now riding 45-65 miles in memory of friends and family. Coming to the gym has made me stronger and given me the encouragement to do things I never would have thought possible or imaginable. I enjoy the variety of classes offered along with the support and confidence I continue to receive from my trainer. I am also grateful for the wonderful friendships I’ve made along the way. Consider myself a “gym enthusiast” or “athlete” now? No, but I know I am stronger and more confident.