5 Ways to Beat the Bloat on Thanksgiving & Lose Weight


5 Ways to Beat the Bloat on Thanksgiving & Lose Weight

Are you average? If you’re trying to lose weight, you won’t want to be average this holiday season.

If you consider yourself average, you might want to be concerned about your Thanksgiving holiday this year. Did you know that the average American can consume more than 4,500 calories and a staggering 229 grams of fat by the time the dishes are put away on Thanksgiving? This startling statistic comes from research conducted by the Calorie Control Council.

In many cases, this is well over 200% of the recommended daily caloric intake for adults. But don’t panic! Put down that drumstick and read along a little further and we can make sure that you’re not toddling through the aisles come Black Friday.

  1. Be Present
  2. Be Aware
  3. Keep Track
  4. Be Grateful
  5. Reward Yourself


It’s easy to be distracted at the holidays.  There are tasks to do, recipes to follow and parades on the television. All this while you’re catching up with friends and family that you don’t always  get to see on the regular. It’s easy to gain weight when you’re distracted – but we want to lose weight!

It’s important that you’re present though and avoid mindless eating if you’re trying to lose weight. If you’re gorging on cheese and crackers while waiting for the main course while discussing politics (which we recommend avoiding) with your cousin – you may not even realize just how much you’re eating, and worse – you’re probably not focused on the food and enjoying it to its fullest potential!

Stay present. Be mindful. Know what you’re putting in your mouth and why. (Hint – why should be because you mean to and want to. Not because you’re distracted or bored.)


It’s amazing how quick we are as a species to eat something we don’t fully understand. Most of us consume ingredients that we can’t pronounce on a daily basis. Take this food-centric holiday to learn more about what you’re consuming. At the very least, have an idea of how many calories you’re throwing back. Here are some common Thanksgiving foods and ball-park figures for calories:

Mashed Potatoes (with Whole Milk and Butter): 237 calories per 1 cup

Green Bean Casserole: 230 calories per 1 cup

Candied Yams: 206 calories per 1 cup Cranberry Sauce Canned: 420 calories per 1 cup

Stuffing: 350 calories per 1 cup

Biscuit: 150 calories per biscuit with 36 calories per 1 pat of butter

Turkey (3.5 ounces turkey) Dark meat with skin: 232 calories

Turkey Gravy: 100 calories per 1 cup

Brussels Sprouts: 38 calories per 1 cup

Corn: 132 calories per ear; with butter: 36 Calories per 1 pat of butter

Spinach: 41 calories per 1 cup

Beer (Regular): Average 150 calories per bottle

Generic Old Fashioned Cocktail: 155 calories per glass

Reds (Burgundy): 127 calories per glass

Pecan Pie: 503 calories per 1 slice (1/8 divided pie)

Vanilla Ice Cream Scoop: 125 calories per 1/2 cup

Whipped Cream:15 calories per 2 tablespoons

Champagne: 78 calories per glass

Cranberry Sauce Fresh: 408 calories per 1 cup

Candied Yams: 206 calories per 1 cup

Stuffing: 350 calories per 1 cup

Biscuit: 150 calories per biscuit

Turkey Serving Size: 3.5 ounces turkey Breast without skin: 161 calories

Turkey Gravy: 100 calories per 1 cup

Pumpkin Pie: 323 calories per 1 slice (1/8 divided pie)

Spinach: 41 calories per 1 cup

Brussels Sprouts: 38 calories per 1 cup

And since you’re aware of how many calories you’re consuming, check out this Sparkpeople article that shares 50 ways to burn 100 calories. Know what it will take to undo that cranberry sauce.

While you’re increasing your awareness, check out our blog post, Weight Loss 101: Getting Started.


The holidays are the most wonderful time of the year. And for many of us, they are the busiest. We recommend tracking your calories so that you can make informed, intelligent decisions. This is easier to do than ever know that 68% of adult Americans have a smartphone. There are a ton of great calorie tracking apps that are totally free that can help you out. Sparkpeople is one, Calorie King is another. A fan favorite is MyFitnessPal, which allows you to track calories in AND calories out, ensuring you manage a daily caloric deficit – essential if your goal is to  lose weight.

Tracking calories in is easy – log what goes into your mouth. Calories out is a bit trickier. Some fitness wearables like the Apple Watch or some FitBits will give you good numbers. For the best accuracy though, we recommend a heart-rate monitor like MyZone.


Thanksgiving is really about gratitude. Some of us are lucky enough to be surrounded by an abundance of food, which really is something to be grateful for. But remember that’s not everybody’s reality this holiday season. Show your gratitude by wrapping a plate for an elderly neighbor or bringing turkey sandwiches to the homeless. Volunteer in a soup kitchen (less time to eat, more time on your feet). Do something, anything, to express your gratitude. Your health and your waistline will benefit.


Start thinking about the easy or habitual ways you reward yourself and make sure you’re rewarding yourself with things that make sense with regard to your goals. We think that rewarding yourself with activity is the best reward of all. Take a yoga class, go for a swim or even soak in a relaxing hot tub. All these rewards will not only make you feel good while you’re doing them, but long after unlike that chocolate reward you’ve been using for so long. After all, if you lose weight, isn’t that the reward you were aiming for all along?

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