What Members Are Saying About Mace Training

Steel Mace Training at Elevate Fitness in Dewitt

Guest Post by Elevate Fitness Member Meenu B.

When I first heard about the mace I was attracted to the idea of it being a powerful weapon but to control it you first control your movements and to control your movements, you control your mind. Something I realized in myself years ago when I was 10 or 11 is that I always wanted to fight what was happening whether a situation or struggle in life or pushing myself to stay awake all nights to get a higher grade on an exam or physically prepare myself to stand up to other girls who were looking to push you down. I knew I was a Sikh and that Sikhs were warriors who fought for freedom for all but the fact that my internal fight was called something is what I realized after I read about the mace. I now know it’s the warrior spirit.

We all have that spirit in us. We just do not realize it or do not know how to use it so we can push past our limits to see. Every time I lift the mace I am overcome by this force that tells me to push past the pain, the fatigue and remain steady. It also brings out the honesty cause when we are fatigued we want to avoid the push or pull for each movement but the mind is at such a high level of focus and intensity that you want to embrace the pain with honesty and push through. This is true of life too. So many daily struggles, situations require that we understand that “the only way to get out is by going through it”.

Yesterday while working with the 15 lb weight I realized that conquering our ego helps us become stronger…always! I strive to be humble as much as I can and that mindset goes hand in hand with the mace. In order to do the dragon lunge with extension, I knew I had to master the 10 lb first to get stronger. So it was humbling and fulfilling because I was able to do the extension fully and feel my shoulder working hard to get stronger.

Everything we do starts with our intentions. Our intent each morning should be to better ourselves as we see ourselves in our minds. And to do that discipline has to take precedence. The discipline to commit ourselves to make small goals and to work toward them. Yesterday I listened to this woman say instead of committing 1 hour to your morning routine, start with something doable like 10 mins of a good morning routine. Maybe just meditate or just yoga or just a walk. It’s not about the next person on social media or the athlete or millionaire we think achieved great things, it is about our own achievements no matter how small they may be.