Making The Elevate Syracuse App Work For You

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Cancel If Your Plans Change

As you know, we’re currently operating at 33% capacity. That means we’ve reduced class sizes and swim lane capacity, making a spot in either a highly desirable thing. 

With that in mind, we ask that you only book classes or appointments that you intend to keep and that you do not book to save a space in case you end up able to attend at the last minute. However, we understand that life happens, so if you make a reservation that you’re unable to keep we ask that you PLEASE cancel it as soon as possible so that someone else can take that spot. 

There are two easy ways to cancel your reservation. You can either cancel from the schedule page where you made the initial reservation, or you can cancel it from the Barcode screen. We appreciate everyone’s cooperation and consideration.

Full Class? Book Anyway!

Is your favorite class full? The good news is that it has a Waitlist, so Book a Spot even if it’s full. You’ll see that the app waitlists you, but as people cancel their reservations (remember when we said it was important to cancel reservations if your plans change? This is why!) people will be automatically added to the class from the Waitlist.

If you’re added to the class you’ll receive a message on the app and an email as long as you’ve enabled notifications (not sure about your notifications? Go to the Settings page and tap the Alerts tile and swip the bar to the right for notifications you want to get).

Add a Photo to the Elevate Fitness Gyms Syracuse Mobile App

Put a Face to the Name

Tap Home then the Profile tab and add your photo by tapping the camera icon on the right. This allows instructors to put a face to the name and simplifies the process of taking attendance in classes!

Elevate Fitness Gyms Syracuse Mobile App

Let Us Know How We’re Doing!

From the Club page, click on the Classes icon the tap on the Classes option from the next screen. Locate your class class (you can also sort by tapping the three lines in the upper right corner), tap on the stars, and then tap the number of stars you’d like to give the class between one and five (five is the best). Then use the Write a Review feature to tell us why you love that class! To see the reviews left by others, tap on the class name from the class list.

Communicate with Instructors and Trainers

Did you know you can communicate with instructors and trainers right from the app? From the Club page if you click on the Group Fitness or Training tiles, and then tap on Instructors or Trainers you’ll see a list of all the fitness rockstars working at Elevate. 

Tap on that person’s tile, and you’ll see a small white envelope in the upper right hand corner of the next screen – tap that to message your trainer! You can also tap on the “thumbs up” image just below the envelope to give kudos to your instructor, who will receive a notification that you gave them kudos!

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Once you’ve downloaded the app to your phone, use the email address you used to sign up for your membership with as your username and the temporary password “abcd1234” to sign in!

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