Member Success Story: Michelle Barkley

Michelle shares her experiences training with Andrew Shoen at our Liverpool location on Morgan Road…


After only working with Andrew for the past three months, I could not be happier with what I have gained. Not only have I lifted more weight than I can even imagine, flipped more tires than I could even imagine, but gained a friendship that I couldn’t even imagine. He is one of the friendliest faces at the gym, always greeting you with a smile and going out of his way to make sure you’re smiling too. His passion for fitness is obvious with the workouts he creates, always bringing his refreshing and enthusiastic personality to every session. He goes above and beyond to make his clients feel comfortable, and confident in themselves, leading them to be able to do things they never thought they would be able to do. Before Andrew, I was deadlifting 145 lbs on a good day, and after three short months, with his master craft work, dedication, and perseverance, he had me deadlifting 225, something I never thought was possible. His workouts are individualized, creative, challenging, and most importantly –  fun! Andrew is without a doubt one of a kind trainers, someone that not only cares about your fitness, but genuinely cares about his clients as people, and someone I look forward to not only training with but talking to on a daily basis. Since working with Andrew I have never felt stronger or healthier and would recommend his mastermind to anyone of my friends or family without hesitation.

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