My Tennis Journey at Elevate Fitness by Scott Friedberg

My Tennis Journey at Elevate Fitness

by Guest Blogger, Scott Friedberg of Gilded Social

Sports were a big part of my life growing up, but once I graduated high school and entered college, my athletic days seemed to be a thing of the past. I always enjoyed competition but I struggled to find an opportunity to enjoy the thrill of sports again. Thankfully, a few years after graduating college, I found a solution…

My company, Gilded Social, works closely with the Elevate Fitness team on digital and in club marketing efforts. Tennis, in particular, caught my eye. I had played a handful of times growing up but never was able to play at an enjoyable level. Tennis can be challenging and I admittedly was not very good!

I decided it was time to start taking Tennis lessons! I was matched up with Naveen, a Tennis Pro at Elevate. After just a few minutes into my first lesson, I knew I was in good hands. Naveen was able to teach me fundamentals without overwhelming me. He made me feel confident in my play and knew exactly how to communicate in areas that could use improvement.

After my 3rd lesson, Naveen suggested I take a break from lessons and play some real matches! I thought to my self: “Wow! After 3 lessons, I’m ready to play?”. Seemed to good to be true, but, he was right. It was time for me to take the fundamentals that I learned and apply them in a real match situation.

The first match I played was tough, but about halfway through, the fundamentals I learned suddenly came together. Every move I made on the court, I was able to think back to the advice from Naveen. I’m by no means an advanced player yet, but after just a few lessons, I can hold my own in a match, and most importantly have a great time doing it!

I now have a great sport to play, and an opportunity to be competitive again – with myself and with friends. I’m excited to continue my Tennis journey at Elevate and to make new friends along the way. I highly recommend you consider picking up Tennis. It’s a great opportunity to make new friends and a sport that can be played all year round (Hello, Syracuse winter!).

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