NYS Gyms are Safe, Ready, and Essential

On March 16, 2020 New York State required all gyms and fitness centers to close due to the spread of Covid-19 along with several other businesses in multiple industries. Read the closure announcement here. Since then, many businesses have been included in a phased reopening plan from the Governor’s office allowing partial and even complete returns for certain businesses. Gyms have not been included in any phase to date, and currently have no anticipated reopening date.

Elevate Fitness, along with other New York State gyms are ready to reopen safely. We contend that we are safe, ready, and essential.


Several studies have shown scientifically that gyms are as safe as, or safer, than other businesses currently in operation in New York State.


Gyms across the state have been working since March 16th to prepare for a safe return to business.

In April, we submitted a comprehensive reopening strategy to Onondaga County officials.


The benefits of exercise are well documented. We’re asking you to consider taking action to help us get New York State to reopen gyms now! We are safe, ready, and essential!