Our commitment to our members, guests, and staff during COVID-19

As the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) begins to have an increased impact in New York State, we believe it is important to communicate with you about the steps we are taking across at Elevate Fitness. In addition to COVID-19, it is our intention to equip our entire community with the tools to keep everyone safe, healthy, and free from COVID-19, the flu, and even the common cold.

Even though the situation changes daily, and even hourly, we are keeping abreast of updates from organizations like the CDC and OSHA — learning and adapting as new information becomes available and adjusting our strategies to ensure the best possible protection for our community. To date we have taken the following actions:

  1. We have placed significant signage throughout our clubs to encourage all members to wash their hands frequently and to thoroughly clean equipment after each use. Additionally, it is good practice to protect yourself by wiping down equipment prior to use, as well.
  2. We have added additional cleaning shifts solely dedicated to cleaning the surfaces in the club with which our members, guests, and team are most frequently in physical contact with to reduce the risk of exposure to the germs that cause the spread of illness.
  3. We’ve increased our on-hand supply of hospital-grade disinfectant to ensure a steady supply is available at all of our disinfection stations throughout the club providing the best cleaning experience.
  4. We have increased the number of daily readings taken in our pools and hot tubs to ensure the appropriate level of protection from contagions while using our aquatic facilities and communicated the importance of reporting and variances to our team to ensure a swift reaction to any imbalances.
  5. We have spoken with our vendors to best understand their supplies of important paper products to ensure we are not affected by a shortage caused by the excessive purchasing of products like toilet paper by individuals who are panic-purchasing.
  6. We have met with our housekeeping teams to ensure that they have the tools and resources they require in order to feel safe as they continue to work toward making Elevate Fitness Clubs the cleanest clubs in Syracuse.

It is important to remember that everything we’ve read and heard indicates that COVID-19 is a respiratory virus and is transmitted through respiratory droplets, it is not transmitted through sweat. Therefore good hygiene is truly our best defense against this illness.

Our intention is not to cause any undue concern, as the CDC has indicated that risk to the general American public remains low. However, we will continue to vigilantly monitor the evolving situation and make decisions to ensure we can meet our obligations to our community and maintain the health and well-being of our employees, members, and guests. Please don’t hesitate to contact me directly with any questions or concerns.