We're Preparing For Our Reopening

Elevate Fitness is more than a gym, it’s more than a building, it’s more than classes and exercise equipment (although we know you’re missing your favorite pieces) – it’s a community. We’re doing everything in our power to be ready to jumpstart that community and reopen our doors as soon as possible.

We will be following all government guidelines regarding both the timing and the circumstances of our reopening. As such, we cannot confirm at this time an opening date or the specifics of how we will reopen, until that information is clarified for us by local officials.

In order to ensure the safety of our team members, our members, and our community, things will look a little different when we reopen, as we all work together to figure out what our post-COVID-19 world looks like.

Keeping Elevate Safe For You





Not only have we spent this time sanitizing and deep cleaning from floor to ceiling, but we’ve made a significant investment in our sanitation processes moving forward.

Each club will have a brand new disinfecting fogger machine that will be used to sanitize and disinfect the club.

We’ve always used high-quality products for sanitization at Elevate Fitness. Our disinfectants are hospital-grade, guaranteed to kill 99.9% of bacteria and viruses including the coronavirus.

We’ll have one disinfecting spray bottle available for every two pieces of equipment.

The first priority for all team members moving forward will be sanitizing, disinfecting, and cleaning the clubs at all times. And finally, our housekeeping staff will be completing ISSA Certifications to ensure we’re operating with the best knowledge, training, and equipment possible.

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You’ll see reduced capacity in group fitness classes to allow for better social distancing (making it important to reserve your classes ahead of time through the Elevate Fitness mobile app, website, or at the front desk).

You’ll see increased signage to remind and educate our community on the importance of social distancing.

We ask that when choosing equipment to use, you allow for proper social distance (six feet or greater) between you and other members and our staff. This may mean patiently waiting for machines neighboring those you intend you use to be vacated before using them.

Any members not practicing social distancing as a safety measure and courtesy to our community will be asked to leave the club.

When we start billing  again, after we re-open, your billing will continue to occur on your regular day of the month. If your annual fee was scheduled during the closure, it will bill in August instead.

If you pay in full each year for your membership, you will receive information explaining how we’ll extend your membership to credit you for the time we were closed in your next renewal statement. If you would have usually received a renewal statement while we were closed, it will be sent out shortly after we’ve reopened.

Finally, if you’re a member who joined the Elevate family from Athletic Apex, we’ll be converting all your Apex paperwork in our system and we’ll be reaching out to you in the coming weeks regarding the process for that.

If you reached out to us during the club closures regarding your membership via email, we will begin to work through those messages as quickly as we can. after 

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There are additional changes you can expect when you return including, but not limited to:

  • Modified operating hours to allow for deep cleaning and sanitation,
  • No showers, hot tub or kids’ club during the initial phases of re-opening,
  • Protective barriers for team members,
  • Significantly increased self-sanitizing stations for equipment,
  • Increased touch-free hand-sanitizer (from local manufacturers Beak and Skiff at 80% alcohol),
  • Touch-free paper-towel dispenser and higher quality paper-towels for better cleaning.


Finally, we ask that you’re patient with us as we figure out the path forward. We ask that you exercise kindness and compassion with our entire community by following the safety protocol we set forth. Together, we will figure out our new normal.

What Else Have We Been Up To?

  • Repairing parking lots,
  • Purchasing new air conditioning units for the clubs,
  • Painting,
  • Replacing flooring,
  •  Purchased mini-spray bottles for disinfectant for every group fitness class participant,
  • Finally, we wrote a 25 page safety plan for reopening Elevate Fitness that was submitted to Onondaga County officials.

We can’t wait until the day comes that our community is reunited in person. We’ll continue working each and every day to ensure that when that day arrives, you’re safe and comfortable returning to Elevate. Until then, stay positive, stay safe, and stay active!