Better Posture Leads to Less Pain and Better Balance

by Susan Ohlsen

Better Posture Leads to Pain Prevention and Improved Balance at Elevate Fitness in Syracuse

Posture is a reflection of how you balance your body, which would fall forward if your muscles did not pull it back. You continually use your muscles reflexively to balance whenever you sit or stand. To help you keep an upright posture, you use your eyes to gauge what is level (which is why balance exercises are harder with your eyes shut), along with sensory information from your inner ears, muscles, and joints. If something affects the way you carry your body, your brain adapts and adopts new muscle and joint positions. To avoid undue pain, you may temporarily adopt a new movement pattern, such as when one of your hips hurts. As a result, you’ll think that you are standing straight up even when you aren’t Muscles, ligaments and nerves change as they adapt to changes in your movement patterns

Effects of Good Posture versus Bad

Over time, your body tends to bend forward, moving your center of balance in the same direction, making your body unstable as you walk, and increasing your chances of falling down. Similarly, adaptive patterns of movement can increase the stress on your joints. For instance, frequently slouching puts pressure on your vertebrae, ultimately causing discs to become compressed and resulting in neck and back pain. Conversely, good posture makes you feel better. Your muscles are more limber, and you have better mobility and less tension in your neck and shoulders, back, legs, and spine. Thus, having a good posture is very important for preventing pain and maintaining better balance.

Improve-Your-Posture Exercise

For better posture, a single exercise done properly is best. We suggest that you stand with your back to the wall with your heels two inches from it. Hold your chin down onto your chest, and then with your chin tucked in, attempt to touch the wall with the back of your head. Most people over 50 years old don’t succeed in doing so, but it is a good exercise to practice anyway.


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