How to Earn Rewards Points for Run Club

Earning points for Run Club at Elevate Fitness


Make sure you’re signing in for classes using the GROUP FITNESS schedule on the mobile app or website and then signing in for classes on the in-club kiosks near the group fitness studios. Once you’re registered for a run event, sign in when you arrive and once the event in completed in our system, you’ll see points in your rewards account.

If you need to learn more about the rewards program, or you need to set up your (free to members) rewards account, click HERE.

Step by Step (using the mobile app)

  1. Click on SCHEDULE at the bottom of the homepage

2. Locate the event and tap/click on it

3. Tap/click on SCHEDULE CLASS

4. You’ll see a confirmation that you’ve registered

5. To cancel follow steps 1 – 3 then tap/click on MODIFY MY RESERVATION

6. To cancel swipe left on the scheduled event

7. Tap/click on the garbage can icon that appears

8. Verify your cancellation (or cancel to stay in the event)

Problems? Questions? Need assistance? Please email and we’ll reach out as soon as we can!