All in Your Stride: 4 Ways To Fix Poor Running Form

All in Your Stride: 4 Ways To Fix Poor Running Form with Elevate Fitness Gyms in Syracuse NY

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As important as running is to complement any workout, it’s so important to remember that your form is the foundation of everything. It will help you run better, so you can go faster, and you will not get injured. But even experienced runners can find themselves getting injured due to poor form learned over time. So with this in mind, what can you do to fix your running form?

Addressing Your Key Mistakes

There are a number of big mistakes people make when they run. One of the biggest is overstriding. Many people think that the bigger the strides, the faster they are. But if you try to lengthen this, you will get injured. A lot of runners find themselves experiencing knee issues as a result. And as beneficial as it is to learn how to tape a knee, it’s far better to address form mistakes in a more natural and gradual way. Form issues can involve striking the ground with your heels, a stiffer upper body, and pounding your feet against the ground. 

Checking Your Gait

Much like people who are checking their workout form will use a mirror, it’s a good idea to analyze your gait to understand where you are going wrong. While one of the best ways to do this is to consult a physical therapist, you can film yourself and see if there are any major errors. Sometimes, you will notice right away what the issues are, but for those inexperienced runners, it’s important to enlist the help of a professional or at the very least conduct solid online research to understand your weaknesses. 

Focus on Fixing One Area at a Time

When we are trying to fix many issues with our form, the temptation could be to try and do everything all at once. Instead, if you’ve got major issues with your running form, the best approach is to go on a track and run half a mile with focus on your form and then go the next half mile without concentrating on it. This allows you to feel the difference when you repeat the run. You repeat the form until you become more comfortable with it and this means your body will learn the new approach through muscle memory. 

Targeting the Imbalances With the Right Exercises

The three areas that are essential for correct running form are your pelvis, your range of motion, and your elasticity. By learning to stabilize the pelvis through deep core exercises, incorporating exercises to improve your range of motion, and reducing tension in your fascia by using foam rolling can improve your fascia as you move resulting in a more fluid motion. 

Proper running form is so important and if you have spent a long time running because it’s been part of your successful fitness plan, you need to remember that form is everything. Because we think we need to maintain a certain level of fitness if we dropped down and focused on the form we wouldn’t improve. But the form will improve your abilities more than you think!

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