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Whether your goals are performance, fitness or friends, join our fabulous running community!


The Run Club Program Includes

  • Networking within and between Elevate Fitness Dewitt and Liverpool participants with similar running abilities and goals.
  • Introduction to and maintenance of fundamental training concepts for lifetime optimal fitness and development.
  • Detailed training plans and logs for each seasonal program duration.
  • Free-floating access to over 14 running group sessions across CNY.
  • Half-Marathoners/Marathoners Team will additionally receive personalized training log evaluations, race-specific race plans, and anofficial Elevate Fitness Apparel item!
  • Direct guidance from a former World-class runner who has trained over 1,000 of all levels beginner to advanced throughout CNY.
  • Kevin Collins – A 2:15 marathoner, was among the top five U.S. ranked Marathoners and Half-marathoners of 2003, a three-time Olympic Trials qualifier, and the 1st American finisher in the 1996 Boston Marathon.

Running Club

March 5th - May 12th

Levels: Beginners - Intermediate

A 10-15 week social, interactive running session designed to provide for runners with a variety of goals: Fitness gains, performance gains or sharing an activity with friends. Runners will learn a simplistic time and effort-based training system that is time-manageable, safe, highly effective, and useful for a lifetime. Registrants may attend any and as many of these weekday speed workouts/group runs across CNY and attend a weekly developmental long run. Long run lengths and workouts of the week indicated in logbooks provided. Must be able to jog easy for 15 minutes without stopping to participate. Elevate Fitness facility usage and childcare are members-only.

Walk 2 Run

Levels: Beginners

This 10-15 week program instructional program will bridge the gap between walker and runner by teaching core principles for progression and lifetime maintenance. Graduates of this program will be equipped to handle a daily 15 minute run without stopping - the absolute baseline for all running progress! Elevate Fitness facility usage and childcare are members-only.


Summer - Fall

Levels: Beginners - Intermediate

2018 SUMMER-FALL Marathon/Half-Marathon Program (June 5th, 2018 – Your October/November RACE!) This 20-25 week, race-specific, intermediate-advanced running program provides two interchangeable workout groups which will provide variable hill repetitions, short/long interval and tempo-style workouts and one weekend long run. Use this program for your Marathon or Half-Marathon of choice in October-November of 2018. Registrants do NOT have to participate in a Marathon or Half-Marathon to participate. NEED AN EARLIER START DATE? WE CAN ACCOMMODATE YOU!

Long Runs

Year Round

Levels: Beginners - Intermediate

2018 Year Round Long Runs Program is included in any run program membership. These runs combine participants in all current running groups between Elevate Fitness Liverpool and Dewitt branches. Suggested long run lengths specific to level and start date in program training logs provided.


  • 7455 Morgan Road
    Liverpool, NY 13090

  • 5791 Widewaters Pkwy
    Dewitt, NY 13214

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