Spotlight On: Group Core

Group Core gives you three-dimensional strength training and 30 action-packed minutes! Stronger core improves athletic performance, enhances movement health, and helps prevent back pain. Expert coaching and motivating music will push you through integrated exercises that use your body weight and weight plates.

Group Core Training is at Elevate Fitness in Dewitt, Liverpool and Syracuse

What makes Group Core Unique?

Comprehensive Core Training

Group Core is much more than just an “ab class” where you do a bunch of ab curls. This is 30 minutes of comprehensive core training that targets the entire core – everything from the shoulders to the hips, including the front, back, and sides of the core. Exercise professionals know that you cannot target one area for fat loss (this is called the “Spot Reduction Myth”), so Group Core uses full body metabolic training to strengthen and define the core. The workout also features posterior-chain exercises that improve posture and balance out core training for the front and back of the body.

Three-Dimensional Approach

The programming for Group Core utilizes the revolutionary science of Loaded Movement Training. Participants move in all three planes of motion, both with and without an external load (weight). Loaded Movement Training is ideal for this program because rotation and multi-directional movements are highly effective ways to strengthen and define the entire core. This novel approach to core training does more than just build a better six-pack – it makes people better movers in everyday life, lowers the risk of injury, and helps prevent nagging aches and pains.

Great Music

The Group Core workout uses a professionally designed and market-tested playlist to ensure there’s something for everyone, musically speaking, in every Group Core class. The entire experience is sound-engineered to ensure you have the best possible physical and mental experience, pushing you to work harder and get more from your workout!

All Fitness Levels

Group Core is designed for able-bodied adults of all ages and fitness levels. Instructors receive detailed examples of how to coach options or modifications to ensure that all participants are able to do every part of the workout in their instructor training and development. This results in greater success for you and will keep you coming back to Group Core for many workouts to come!

REMEMBER: Your first workout is always FREE at Elevate Fitness in Dewitt and Elevate Fitness in Liverpool!