How To Stay Motivated To Workout When The Weather Is Beautiful

How To Stay Motivated To Workout When The Weather Is Beautiful at Elevate Fitness Gym in Syracuse

It happens to even the most dedicated athletes. After months of snow and rain and temperatures too cold to do anything outdoors, the weather finally turns nice and suddenly we find ourselves dreading the drive to the gym. Many of us have already spent (or are about to spend) all day inside at work, and the idea of going inside to workout for an hour when it’s beautiful outside is simply too much to bear.

Well, the simple solution to this is to just workout outside, right? But, if we’re careful to keep our fitness plans well balanced, that can be a challenge. How do we get good strength training workouts that are progressive and challenging without investing a fortune in equipment? For many of us, it’s just not feasible to make all of our summer workouts outdoor workouts. 

Here are five ways to stay motivated to workout when the weather is beautiful.

    1. Become a fan of the local weather guy or gal (or weather app on your phone) and PLAN AHEAD. Know when the days are going to be really, really nice and make those your cardio days – it’s easier to be outdoors for those workouts. Rain in the forecast? Rainy days are great gym days to hit the weight room or your favorite group fitness class.
    2. STREAM your favorite group fitness classes on a mobile device to take your group fitness experience outdoors. This allows you to have your live group fitness experience while enjoying the summer weather at the same time!
    3. WORKOUT EARLIER/LATER to create more time in your day for outside activities. Not only will this give you more “daylight” hours for other activities, but you may just find that your body responds differently to a different schedule for your workouts – you may even decide the results are worth maintaining the schedule change into fall and winter!
  • RESTRUCTURE YOUR WORKOUTS so that you’re doing a quick 30 minutes in the weight room six times a week instead of an hour four times a week. Or maybe you can start splitting your workouts so they’re half strength and half cardio ensuring you can spend at least half of each workout outside when you want to? There are lots of ways to get creative with the structure of your workout plan, and a personal trainer can help!
  • REMEMBER IT’S A MARATHON, NOT A SPRINT. If summer fever got the best of you and you miss a workout today, don’t let that mean you’re giving up on tomorrow, too. Remember that it’s about the big picture. Setbacks are normal, and to be expected. Don’t be too hard on yourself, take some time to enjoy life, and if you don’t get it right today, tomorrow is another opportunity!


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