Staying Active While Isolating

These are strange times, and unprecedented in most of our lifetimes. It’s easy to forget what it feels like to wear an outfit that isn’t 90% pajamas or to find yourself wondering when you last left the couch and if that smell is you or the dog.

Whether you’re working per usual or working from home or working on figuring it all out – it’s important to make time to stay healthy. Physical exercise has two incredibly important benefits for all of us right now:

One. It helps build your immunity. A healthy body generally speaking has a healthier immune system than an unhealthy body. So staying active and fit can actually help you in the fight against illness.

Two. It’s a fantastic stress reducer. Anxiety and worry are at an all-time high for a lot of us, and exercise can help reduce stress and anxiety so that we can be productive and focus on what matters.

So how can you make sure that you’re getting the benefits of exercise right now when you’re isolating and social-distancing and your favorite gym is closed?

One. Try some of our Home Workouts especially curated for these strange times.

Two. While maintaining social-distancing best practices head outdoors for some solitary exercise when the weather permits, a little vitamin D is probably good for you these days, too.

Three.  Are you the type who works out better with a buddy? Try Facetime or Zoom or Facebook Messenger and workout (safely) with a buddy using technology.

Four. Try a mobile app. From Couch to 5K to 7 Minute Workouts to Activity Trackers, there are tons of options to keep you moving and engaged.

Five. Reward yourself. Make yourself do it by rewarding the behaviors you want to develop. Our reward program is one great way to do that (and you can earn points for home workouts during this strange time).

Try it. Maybe you’re feeling down. Maybe you’re not feeling motivated. Try it anyway – get just a few minutes of physical exercise, even if it’s just a brisk walk, and if you don’t start feeling better – at least you tried. But we think you’ll find that exercise is JUST what’s needed in tough times like this.

Stay active, stay healthy, and stay safe friends.