Summer Race Tips for Runners

Elevate Fitness Clubs offer great Run Club programs, we already know that. Run Club Director, Kevin Collins, often shares tips, techniques, and strategies with his runners to help them get them get the most out of their training programs and to allow them to cross-train safely and effectively.

Here, he shares with us the tips he shares with his athletes regarding summer racing, now the summer race season is finally upon us:

1) Any weekend race that is 15k or longer, skip long Run for the week and consider your race the long run. If you’d like to add time to the race day beyond that, limit yourself to 15-minute warm up and a 15-minute cool down jog for an additional 30 minutes. Both are healthy race habits for both better performance and healthier recovery.

2) Any Saturday race less than 15k can follow up with a long run on Sunday provided you run easy!

3) While doable, don’t expect a 5k to go very well the day after a long run or the day after a leg weight workout.

4) Keep your Long Runs between Friday-Sunday or consider them missed for the week. Instead, resume base runs and put your energy and focus into a better attempt the following week.

5) Remember: If you are missing or procrastinating your long runs, it is worth the drive to attend our Saturday Long Runs at either 7 am or 8 am start times. I am there to get you started and your teammates are there to get you through it!

Not a member of the Elevate Fitness Run Club but want to join us for a run or two? Let us know!