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Lap Swim at Elevate Fitness Gyms in Syracuse, NY
Swimming Pools at Elevate Fitness Gyms in Syracuse, NY
Kids Swim Lessons at Elevate Fitness Clubs in Syracuse, NY

Elevate Fitness offers its popular swim lessons year-round, offering everything from Mommy and Me classes to one-on-one private instruction for advanced athletes. Find the program for you and your family at Elevate Fitness.

Levels Currently Offered

Parent & Child (9 months to 4 years): This program builds swimming readiness by emphasizing fun in the water. Children will learn bubble blowing, kicking, and back floating. The parents are in the water to help facilitate the learning and partake in the fun! It’s never too early to start your child in swim lessons!

Level One, Introduction to Water Skills (Ages 4 and older): This class is for the children to learn to put their faces in the water, blow bubbles, float on their front and back with support and learn the beginner stroke. There are no parents in the water for this level of swim lessons.

Level Two, Fundamental Aquatic Skills (Ages 5 and older): These swim lessons are for students who can have their face in the water for 3 seconds or longer and are able to float on their front and back without support. Students will learn how to perfect arm strokes, and begin to learn survival strokes such as elementary backstroke and treading water.

Levels Three & Four, Stroke Development & Improvement (Must pass level 2 to qualify): Students must be able to perform the back crawl for 10 years and the beginner stroke (with their face in the water) for 10 yards. Also, the students must be extremely comfortable in deep water. Students will learn rhythmic breathing for front crawl. Back crawl, sidestroke, breaststroke, and safety skills will be emphasized. Students will develop confidence in the strokes learned and will improve endurance.

About Levels

It is important that your child is placed at the correct level of instruction. In order to maintain the quality of our swim program, we strive to register 5 children per instructor in Levels 1 – 4. However, this may not always be possible. When 2 instructors are avilable we may have up to 10 students. The aquatics staff reserves the right to move children who cannot meet or who exceed the Red Cross swim level pre-requisites. If you are unsure of your child’s level, we can assist you in determining the proper level at which to register them. Also, note that it is completely normal (and common) for a child to repeat a level multiple times before developing the skills necessary to progress to the next level. Group lessons will be announced in our monthly newsletter. Additionally, you can call the clubs at the numbers below or email for session dates or more information.

DEWITT PHONE: 315-446-0376
LIVERPOOL PHONE: 315-451-5050

Private Instruction

Not only for students that advance past level 4; private lessons are offered for any age/level. Each private lesson is a half hour session. Private lessons-one student; Semi-private- 2-3 students (no more than three); prices differ based on private vs semi-private. Private lessons are offered seven days a week. Private lessons are not level-based, but are based on the swimmers’ abilities.

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Swim Lessons at Elevate Fitness

Indoor Pools in Syracuse, NY
Lap Swim at Elevate Fitness Gyms in Syracuse, NY
Swimming Pools at Elevate Fitness Gyms in Syracuse, NY