Tennis Leagues at Elevate Fitness Gyms in Syracuse, NY
Tennis Programs at Elevate Fitness Gyms in Syracuse, NY
Tennis at Elevate Fitness Gyms in Syracuse, NY
Tennis at Elevate Fitness Clubs in Syracuse, NY

Whether you’re a beginner or you’ve been playing since you were a kid. Or if you’re a beginner kid, we have a tennis program for you! Both private and group, leagues, tournament, special events, birthday parties and more! With unrivaled, world-class instructors you are in excellent hands from your first serve to your 100th career win.


  • Instruction for players of ALL levels and skill sets
  • Private and group tennis lessons to help you take your game to the next level
  • Elevate fitness will help you become a better player


  • Indoor, all-season courts
  • Singles, doubles, or just hitting by yourself with the ball machine
  • Available to members and non-members
  • Court rates vary based on day/time


  • Tennis membership options for individuals, couples and families
  • Tennis only memberships, Tennis and Fitness memberships
  • Junior and Student memberships
  • Play Passes 


  • Indoor, all-weather courts
  • Accommodating staff
  • Excellent facilities and amenities (both on and OFF the court)
  • Outstanding tennis community
  • Bring your existing league to Elevate or join one of the leagues already here


  • High-quality, professional instruction
  • Train to make the school team
  • Prepare to qualify for an athletic scholarship
Tennis Syracuse at Elevate Fitness


  • USTA tournament
  • Local tournaments
  • Practice courts
  • Let us help you find local accommodations and attractions
  • Day passes for fitness club and group classes

Frequently Asked Questions About Tennis

  1. What is tennis?
  • Tennis is a sport that is played with a racket and a ball. It is typically played on a court with a net and can be played individually against a single opponent (singles) or with two players on each side (doubles).
  1. What are the benefits of playing tennis?
  • The benefits of playing tennis include improved cardiovascular health, increased endurance, improved coordination and balance, and increased mental focus.
  1. What equipment do I need to play tennis?
  • To play tennis, you will need a tennis racket, tennis balls, appropriate footwear, and clothing that allows for ease of movement.
  1. How do I learn to play tennis?
  • There are several ways to learn to play tennis, including taking lessons from a qualified instructor, practicing with friends, or joining a local tennis club.
  1. How do I improve my tennis skills?
  • To improve your tennis skills, you can practice regularly, work with a coach or instructor, watch professional matches, and focus on specific areas of your game.
  1. What are the different types of tennis courts?
  • The different types of tennis courts include grass, clay, hard court, and indoor court. Each type of court has its own unique characteristics that can affect the way the game is played.
  1. Can tennis be played indoors?
  • Yes, tennis can be played indoors on an indoor tennis court. This allows for year-round play regardless of weather conditions.
  1. What is the scoring system in tennis?
  • The scoring system in tennis is based on points, with each point being worth one. The first player to win four points wins the game, and the first player to win six games wins the set.
  1. How do I prevent injuries while playing tennis?
  • To prevent injuries while playing tennis, you should warm up properly before playing, use proper technique and form, wear appropriate footwear, and take breaks when necessary.
  1. Can tennis help with weight loss?
  • Yes, tennis can be a helpful addition to a weight loss plan. It can burn calories, improve cardiovascular health, and increase overall physical activity.


Tennis Leagues at Elevate Fitness Gyms in Syracuse, NY
Tennis Programs at Elevate Fitness Gyms in Syracuse, NY
Tennis at Elevate Fitness Gyms in Syracuse, NY