The Benefits of Hybrid Training

Maybe you’ve heard someone talking about it, or someone even asked you if you’d be interested in trying it out when you signed up for your gym membership. But what exactly IS Hybrid Training and why should you consider trying it out to reach your weight loss and fitness goals?

What is Hybrid Training?

Hybrid Training is personal training with multiple people training with a trainer at the same time, usually in groups of three or four. This creates a small group experience with the benefits of social accountability without giving up the value of one-on-one instruction and attention that you lose in larger group experiences.

Hybrid Training offers several advantages to a client. Here we explore the top 5 benefits of Hybrid Personal Training.

One. It’s less expensive than traditional personal training.

Because the trainer is working with multiple clients in the same window of time, clubs like Elevate Fitness are able to charge less per Hybrid session and still ensure that our trainers are compensated fairly, while passing some savings along to the member.

Two. Instead of getting motivation from one trainer, you get it from your whole group.

There is power in numbers. Social accountability is a great way to keep you consistent and focused on your goals. Being surrounded by like-minded people with similar goals can help keep you on track to reaching yours!

Three. You’ll have access to a greater range of exercises for your workout.

There’s a lot of things that you can do with another person that you can’t do alone – and that goes for exercise too! Your trainer will have a wider range of options available when customizing your workout by having more bodies to work with during the workout.

Four. Additional clients can provide a nice distraction.

It’s so much easier to hold a plank for 60-seconds when you’re distracted by a conversation about your weekend plans than it is when you’re counting down the (slowly moving) seconds. Creating a positive, social environment allows you a pleasant distraction from the hard work you’re doing.

Five. You’ll make friendships that extend beyond your training sessions.

Whether it’s meeting someone to do cardio with on your days off from training or meeting someone who introduces you to a new group fitness class, you’ll make friends that will last a lifetime. Friends, again, who are like-minded with similar goals who can help you stay on track during non-training, social situations.