The Heart of Group Power


Get a cardio workout while lifting weighs at Elevate Fitness in Syracuse

The cardiovascular effects of strength training, as explained by Mossa.

Have you ever felt your heart racing during Group Power? You are not alone. Group POwer can be a high intensity strength training class. Minimal breaks in the activity keep the heart rate elevated. Although it is not suggested that you substitute Group Power for cardio training, there are cardiovascular benefits. Think of the cardiovascular effect as just one more benefit of Group Power.


Cardiovascular fitness refers to the effectiveness of the body at taking in oxygen through the lungs, transferring that oxygen to the blood, and pumping the blood via the heart to the cells of the body. The stronger this system is, the better it is at its job. We become better at an activity through work. Our heart is the same. Exercise challenges our heart by increasing the demand on it, making it stronger.

Think of this in terms of the muscles in your thigh. We use these muscles every day when we stand up, walk, run, and jump. I doubt anyone would assert that standing up from your desk to walk to the coffee maker is going to make your thigh muscles stronger. In order to strengthen the muscles you have to challenge them by placing increased demand on them. That may be through weight training like squats or endurance training like cycling. A challenging effort makes the muscles better at doing every day activities.

Your heart is the same. If you are reading this then your heart is beating; however, your heart is probably not being challenged by this activity. To strengthen your heart muscle you have to challenge it. Increasing the demand on the heart through exercise makes the heart better at it every day activities of moving the blood throughout your body.


Group Power has an effectI’ve cardiovascular component because of the way the program is designed. Literally it is true; you cannot lift weights with your heart, but you can make your heart stronger by lifting weights. Any activity that raises your heart rate and is maintained over a period of time is cardiovascular exercise. Joining in for an hour of Power would certainly follow under this definition.

So, how are we going to raise our heart rate and maintain it for the duration of a Group Power class without feeling like we are about to fall over from exhaustion? Our formula for success lies in the ebb and flow of intensity found in circuit style training.


Circuit training essentially means rotating or switching from one exercise to another with minimal or no rest between exercises. Sound familiar? This type of training maintains an elevated heart rate and increases cardiovascular benefits. It does not matter what area of the body is being trained; you still get the benefits. Suffice it to say that if the exercise elevates your heart rate and you move from one exercise to the next with little rest you were doing circuit training.


Although Group Power is not promoted as a cardiovascular class, such as Group Group, GroupFight, Spinning, or Zumba, anyone who hass used a challenging weight in class has felt the cardio effect. Just feel your own heart pounding or look around the room at the sweat dripping off of noses or elbows.


Cardiovascular improvements are a benefit of any resistance training workout, especially circuit style training. Although Group Power is not designed as a cardiovascular training program, this important benefit should not be overlooked. Knowing what you might experience in class and why you feel that way helps you make better decisions about your intensity level. This knowledge increases the feeling of success when the workout is completed and hopefully keeps you coming back on a regular basis. Ultimately, it is this consistency that is going to help you achieve your fitness goals.


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