The Method Nutrition Program at Elevate Fitness in Syracuse

A Six Week Science-Backed Nutrition Program with David Cruz


  • Proper Goal Selection
  • Personalized Macro Nutrient Profile
  • Food intake, calorie, and macro nutrient tracking
  • body weight and measurement tracking including before and after photos
  • Easy access to your Nutrition Coach, David Cruz
  • ¬†Weekly sessions to measure, track and adjust your dynamic plan to ensure you see real results
  • Access to our members’ only private Facebook group for added support from all METHOD participants – share tips, recipes, motivation and more with a community of like-minded individuals all working toward nutrition goals

Schedule your METHOD Nutrition Consultation with Coach David Cruz today. In your consultation, you’ll provide 3 – 7 days worth of food and beverage logging and get personalized feedback based on your goals. You’ll also get our exclusive 7-day METHOD RESET plan to get started on the path to health and wellness!