Three Simple Lists to Live By for Weight Loss

Weight loss can get complicated, we get it. Sometimes making small, simple changes and adjustments consistently can make a big an impact that you might not expect. Here are three simple lists that you can use every day to make small changes that will lead to big results.

List #1: WHAT TO EAT

VEGETABLES: Non-starchy veggies are as good as it gets (especially leafy greens) with huge nutritional benefits.
PROTEIN: Pasteurized eggs, lean meats, fish and other seafood like lobster and clams are great sources of protein.
FRUITS: Low sugar fruits like berries are best.


PROCESSED FOOD: Packed with chemicals and large amounts of nutritionally-void calories, processed foods are a major no-no.
FRIED FOODS: This one almost goes without saying.
LIQUID CALORIES: Sports drinks, fruit juices, and soda are better off not consumed because of the sugar and empty calories.
SUGAR: You should avoid any food products that are high in sugar and you should never add sugar to foods as it causes the body to store fat.
ARTIFICIAL SWEETENERS: No Nutrasweet or Splenda – use natural sweeteners like Stevia.
WHITE CARBOHYDRATES: Avoid white potatoes, white rice, and cereals
SOY SAUCE, CANOLA OIL & MOST SALAD DRESSINGS: Substitute with oil and vinegar or balsamic dressing that you make yourself.


GRAINS: Corn, oats and brown rice should be consumed on a minimal basis, and should be avoided totally if you have gluten sensitivity issues. When you DO eat grains, ensure they’re whole grains.
DAIRY: Milk and cheese are okay in limited quantities (try to limit yourself to one serving per day). Whole full-fat milk is okay if you don’t have problems with lactose. You may also consider trying almond or coconut milk as a substitution for regular milk. (When considering cheese – try to eat from blocks of cheese – those individually wrapped things aren’t really cheese – they can’t even call themselves cheese – they’re a cheese product, see above regarding processed foods.)
MINIMALLY PROCESSED MEATS: Sausage, bacon, salami, and pepperoni should only be eaten in small portions only. Do not eat hot dogs. Ever. There’s a reason hotdogs are nicknamed “mystery meat” and we believe that nothing you put in your body should be a mystery.
BEANS: While beans are high in protein, fiber and antioxidants (great!) and low in sugar (also great!) they can impede weight loss because they are a starchy carb.
PRE-PACKAGED FOODS: Packaged foods are convenience foods, they are meant to last on shelves for very long periods of time, and that makes them likely to last on your waistline for a long period of time, too.
ALCOHOL: Alcoholic beverages can be toxic to your body and should, therefore, be consumed in moderation. A single glass of wine a few times per week (preferably red as it’s lower in sugar) or liquor without any added mixers a couple of times a week will do minimal damage. Beer should be avoided at ALL costs.

Take from this one or two changes you can make immediately and begin to incorporate more as you start to see results! Want to add a fitness consultation to the mix to make sure the program you’re planning for yourself is the most effective for your body type and your goals? Elevate Fitness can help you!