View, Save or Print your Check-Ins Online

At Elevate Fitness, it’s easy to manage your membership online. Want to see how often you’re using the club? Need a list of your check-ins to provide your insurance company for reimbursement? Or maybe you’re just the type who likes to keep good records. Now you can view, print and/or save a list of your check-ins (all time or you can pull from a custom date range) easily from your computer right at home!

This video provides you with step-by-step instructions and shows you how you can do all this and more!


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At Elevate, we help our members become the best version of themselves with a huge variety of quality programs and cutting-edge fitness technology in a high-value, low-cost, clean, full-service fitness facility. At Elevate Fitness, we believe that high VALUE doesn’t have to mean high cost. We deliver high-quality customized programs and services, many included with membership, for much less than you’d expect. At Elevate you won’t find a candy dish by the door or pizza in the lobby, that because we FOCUS ON WHAT REALLY MATTERS: creating a high-quality experience that generates positive, lasting results through lifestyle change, community involvement, and an outstanding member experience. Locally owned and operated for over 30 years, Elevate is committed to helping its members achieve positive, lasting results through innovative programming, technology, and lifestyle change. Other clubs offer equipment, Elevate offers RESULTS.